Daily Prompt: Chillaxin

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

Since I have a kick back job, thinking about ways to wind down is difficult but, since my job consists of staying close to my employer all week, (I’m a caregiver), then, getting in my car and driving anywhere is cathartic.  Since this only happens on my days off, I start with seeing a movie, since that’s one of my favorite past times.  Most people I know don’t like to attend a movie on their own, but for me it’s perfect.  I can see what I want, and I don’t have to ask anyone what they want to see. So, it’s pretty much all about me for 2 hours. 

The library, relaxes me too, it’s a way to be with others without speaking.   I can get lost in the library, and since libraries have so few people in them, it’s a place where you can become invisible.  Umm, as I think about this, maybe I’m spending a lot of time alone.  No, I’m ok, because I spent a lot of years raising a child alone and she was my shadow, so being alone feels fine. 

To end the day, going to the Dollar Store is heaven, the only worry here, everything only costs a buck, and talk about finding reasons to buy a bunch of stupid random junk you don’t need.  Like yesterday, did I really  need to buy alcohol wipes for my computer and cell?  No but I bought them, or what about those colored pens, or another roll of mailing tape, what was that about?  But in all, it’s nice to only think about what you want to do, and not appease someone else.

Finally, my blog, this is where the creative juices start to flow, and this is decompressing at its best, and no WordPress didn’t pay me to write this.  Even if it’s just for me, I have had fun journaling my thoughts, and letting you peek in, this is what living is all about. ~ Musings&Rants 



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Chillaxin

    • Yes, it’s fun to think creatively and then write it down. I agree there is something magical about it, for sure. Thank for the comment, can’t wait to check your blog out now. Shazza


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