Bears** 2014

Sky and her babes/imag:
Sky and her babes./image:

Disney has put out a good nature movie, and I don’t usually like nature movies, since it’s hard to tell if the audience is being manipulated with editing, to fit the script, or if they catch everything as is. So, since I don’t know, I liked the way it played out on-screen.

The premise: Sky and her cubs are waking up from a 6 month slumber.  The babies are brand new and have to learn the ropes of the wild.  Sky, needs to eat, since she’s been in hibernation so she has to get nourishment for herself, and continue to nurse her babies. As this family makes their way over snowy Alaskan mountains, the whole bear community is making their quest too.

As she crosses the flatlands of Alaska, she’s trying to get to the Salmon that are making their way up the river to spawn.  As she does, she’s met by some formidable foes, Magnus, Chinook, and Tikaani.  Magnus and Chinook are both male bears who are also hungry and want to eat the cubs.  Tikaani, is a male wolf who would like to eat a cub as well.  And since Sky has to leave her cubs to go fish, the dangers are ever-present with these guys.

Sky catching Salmon./image:
Sky catching Salmon./image:

The most breathtaking aspect of nature movies these days, is the digital photography. It’s brilliant to watch how beautifully the camera captures every detail of its subject matter. The crisp clean images, and slow motion sequences, made this movie pop, and almost makes you forget you’re sitting in a theater watching.

The directors, Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scoley, are amazing and meticulous with this new digital technology. Another aspect of watching these kinds of films, is the outtakes when the credits roll, it’s as interesting to watch that as it is the movie.  Since the camera crew is right out in bear country, with these wild unpredictable animals, literally sleeping in tents!  And, how do they get those close-ups of a mother bear and babies hibernating without waking them up?  

The Sum Up: With a wonderful music score, and compelling imagery, Bears is a great family movie.  Voice actor, John C. Reilly, Talladega Nights, also adds a charm to the film, with his playful sounding voice, it makes the scary scenes a little less intense, and the fun scenes more fun.  As for my score, this gets an A, see it in theaters, it’s that good.  Also, children 3 and up can see this one. Rated PG. ~ Musings&Rants

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