The Race Around the World: Behind the Scenes

Hey there wordpress readers, just another shout out to Holistic Wayfarer she’s sharing some reflections on her Race Series, and the comment’s from the contributors could start her on a new series. She has a very deep reflective tone on her blog and her readers are deep and reflective as well.

A Holistic Journey

So I’m taking a breather, slowing my pace, taking stock. Behind the unassuming titles in the series has been a lot of work. I have combed through the submissions and tapped some contributors for as many as six drafts for the clearest chronology and descriptions. I would not be surprised if my “Would you please clarify what you mean…” has pursued the poor writers into their dreams at night. I found the rate of growth of my readership decelerated, for the time away from the rest of the blogging. But the overwhelming feedback on the Race has been my reward. I am deeply grateful for responses like K’lee’s from Obzervashunal:

“[You] touched upon something so universally potent, you have created something so unbelievably amazing here, a groundbreaking series. I know you feel it, but I hope you REALLY feel it. If this were a book I had the privilege…

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