Surprised By “The Other Woman*”

Nikolj & Camen Diaz/image:
Nikolj & Carmen Diaz/image:

The Premise: Carly Whitten has a problem, unbeknownst to her, she is, The Other Woman, played by Carmen Diaz.  As she’s been going out with her “boyfriend” of 8 weeks, she mistakenly goes to see him at his house for a spontaneous role play session. Where she meets his wife, Kate, Leslie Mann, at the door. She then realizes she’s been played by a married man Mark King, Nikolj Coster-Waldau With her ego hurt she’s upset but is easily ready to move on, since she has a rule about not dating married men.

However, the real problems begin, when Kate, confronts Carly about this situation, but needs a friend, and choses Carly.  From this point the movie gets entertaining, with funny mishaps, and both women befriending each other, they set on a course of revenge of the guilty husband. With eyewitness accounts of his terrible philandering, the story is funny without being too crass or the revenge being too demented and spiteful.

Leslie Mann/image;
Leslie Mann/image;

Also, little profanity, and no safety alert, the story although silly has very clever dialog and hilarious scenes.  There are some rather big holes in the premise being that Carly is a successful lawyer, and has been around the block, she couldn’t see through her “boyfriends” pack of lies and figure out he’s married?

The main characters are flawless, and Carmen Diaz (41) is seasoned and interesting in her roles of late.  Perhaps because, when she was younger she was just a blond, with a pretty face, but since she’s matured her roles have as well.  She’s another example of the Generation X group that’s been able to sustain their career. Now her performances are resonating with women in her age bracket and she’s become more than a pretty face, less commercial more gritty.  I think agents are being much more strategic in how the market older actors these days, and it actually makes older actors more fun to watch then young ones.  (I actually thought she looked better in her bikini, than the younger actor, Kate Upton who is in her 20’s).

The Sum Up: This movie get’s a B, note worthy, for see on DVD or in the theater, but see it.  With no Safety Alert, very little profanity, and minimal lying and manipulation, this movie is entertaining but still not for children under 14. It was also nice seeing Don Johnson again, playing her dad, he might be making a comeback like Kevin Costner. This movie is rated PG 13. ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Surprised By “The Other Woman*”

  1. Can’t say I liked this one as much, which is mostly because I was too annoyed with just about everyone here. Even Leslie Mann, whom I usually love in just about everything she shows up in. Good review.


    • Yes, I have to read your blog thoroughly now to see why you didn’t care for it. I only read the last part where you called it crappola, So maybe I will see what the problem was.


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