Why I Must Learn CSS…UGH!!!

Unhappy Face/imag: fancyicons.com
Unhappy Face/image: fancyicons.com

I’m unhappy, dissatisfied, discontented. Why? Because I can’t render my blog the way I want to. I must to learn to CSS my page, it’s so annoying wanting to change things that I can’t with the tools that WordPress has given, knowing all it takes is a little knowledge about CSS. That’s such a hateful acronym, but I better learn to like it, if I want to make changes to my blog and perhaps, my thinking too. If you’ve been by my page before, you know that I change it every few days.  I must also say, when your child is not with you to rescue you from learning the computer it’s a real shock to the system trying to figure this out yourself. It’s disappointing not wanting to push myself.

So, I’m having a dilemma for sure!!! Not wanting to do what I know I should do because I’m too lazy to learn. Wow that last sentence says a lot about, the error in my thinking for sure, does it give me hope and motivation? Umm…not yet? I guess I will to have to learn now, but I’m not excited about it at all. Oh but wait, (the light just went on), I know, I’ve figured it out, if you love to do something, then why not learn to do it to the best of your ability right? Blogging is super fun to me, so I should learn to do it well. Uh oh, I also noticed there are so many “I” words in this post, it’s disturbing!!! ~ Musing&Rants

8 thoughts on “Why I Must Learn CSS…UGH!!!

  1. You know more CSS than I do. I’m just a lazy dolt. Blogging is fun because it’s ideas, visions and sharing. I’m not totally happy about my theme choice but find choices are limited when I want a free theme and a moving header slider.


    • Yes, I agree, the key word is FREE, I love blogging too. It seems to keep me sane, and grounded for some reason lol. I can’t wait to read about your travels in Canada, your blog looks really PACKED. And thank you for the well wishes for my daughter and son in law. Those two are cute, but are also like little kids sometimes. It’s funny sometimes I feel like I’ve gained another child with her husband, since he’s a few years younger then she. He’s just 20 and she’s 22. Peace and Blessings my new blog friend!!! Shazza.


  2. I know how you feel. If you look on wordpress on the posts on blogging 201, there’s lots of really handy tips to improve your blog. I even found out that my theme was retired- (its in an old people’s home somewhere) but you never get told these things, so I swapped to a new one and I think it reads much better. You can try all sorts of new stuff with the customize button too. But I just wish there was someone who would do all the tekky stuff for me and I could just WRITE!


    • Yeah, it’s weird, when I try to get some of the new themes, when they come up on my screen they are not formatted the same way they look on the preview. It’s super frustrating. Thanks for the comment Anna. 🙂


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