Taking It Old School, A Lesson Learned

Old school phone.
Old school phone.

Yesterday, I left my cell phone home, in a rush to leave and continue my day off. Since I was meeting my daughter across the street from her school, and her school is about 20 miles away, my idea was to spend as much time with her as possible before my day off was over at 6 pm. So hear is what I told her on the phone before leaving the house,”I will meet you at Chipotle, but I’ll call you when I get there.” And the last part of my sentence was my second mistake. Well, the call didn’t happen but I was there when I said I would be.

My Android model.
My Android model.

To my disappointment, she wasn’t, and I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me kid, you can’t just follow instructions even though you didn’t get a call from me?” That’s when I realized we are a lazy generation, technological junkies, that have become bound to our technology and its unfortunate circumstances. Whatever happened to taking it old school and dialing someone up on the proverbial “ground-line?” Wow, and something else is kind of funny, (but mostly sad). It was about 25 years ago that this was innovative communication!!! Back then, voice mail was a novel concept.

So, here we are, unable to live life without our gadgets, dictating when to move and how far. To finish this disturbing story, I went to Mcdonald’s and used their wifi, which was a mile away from Chipotle, pulled out my computer and text her to come meet me at Chipotle. However, I thought of a few other options, first, I tried to call on a pay phone, and actually found one. But since her number was out of the area code it was going to cost $2.50 in change to call, I only had $1 in change. Also, I couldn’t remember her number for a while, second, I thought about asking to borrow a strangers cell phone because everyone has one, even homeless people. But, she might not pick it up since she wouldn’t recognize the number. Third, I could have asked if I could text her, but that is pushing it, and Americans don’t like to be imposed upon. So this whole deal was a predicament to say the least, but it does cause you to think on your feet, and reminds me to not depend on my gadgets and that’s good for everyone to remember, especially me and my daughter. Talk about bringing down a government, take away our technology that would do it!!!

My feet.
My thinking feet.

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4 thoughts on “Taking It Old School, A Lesson Learned

  1. Um, I don’t have a cellphone. Haven’t ruled it out. But really don’t need one. I don’t live in a rural area.

    I guess I’m cheap. It was something for me to be given an iPad for work. I’m still working its features.
    Great for facetime. And I seldom pick up work email since my job doesn’t demand 24×7 surveillance.

    Yes, it’s just peaceful life. Email, the ‘Net and blog is enough for me. Yea, not even Facebook nor Twitter. But maybe it’s because I remember not long ago how life was without the ‘Net.


    • Hey Jean, that’s amazing that you don’t use a cell phone? Wow, talk about making things uncomplicated, people just have to wait till you get home to talk to you. I’ve forgotten what that’s like. Good for you holding out on that. Shazz


  2. I really like this post Shazza! I have a tendency to leave my phone at home as well and I HATE it when I have to email someone rather than text them. Then, I think about how excited I was when I learned how to email in college. I take a deep breath, get over it and revel in ‘kicking it old skool.’ 🙂


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