Mother’s Day, Learning To Keep My Behavior Excellent

McKinley Park 2
East Sacramento, CA. McKinley Park.

Mother’s day started out quite different from most, usually you spend them with your biological family. Well my daughter and son-in-law changed things up. Instead of my daughter taking me out with her husband Matt in toe, Matt took me out on his own. It was nice to just hangout with Matt and get to know him better, and see his heart for God shine so brightly. I’m very pleased with how much he’s grown since meeting him a little over a year ago. He is becoming the man of God that I prayed for 21 years ago for Lani and I’m grateful.

In front of the restaurant, sun directly over our heads, poor Matt is sun sensitive.

First we all went to church, and after Lani’s Granny and Great aunt picked her up and spent the afternoon together. Meanwhile, Matt and I went and ate at a decent, but not great Thai restaurant. There we talked about bible doctrine and how important it is to study the bible. We ate our meal and took a pic outside of the restaurant. Then as we were driving around midtown Sacramento, which was lovely, we ended up running into a rose garden where I took pictures. I went and walked around taking pics with my phone as he sat in the car and told his wife he missed her. He also, did the driving which was nice, as I admired the picturesque day.

Then, Matt and I went and picked up his wife, and they surprised me with a trip to the nail Purplish Pink rosesshop for a pedicure. Once done there, we headed to the hospital to visit a friend. On the way back to Job Corps I treated them to a quick bite at Jack in the Box, and Matt saw a homeless man bought him some food, and shared the gospel with him. That’s when I was really inspired by Matt and thought, of that scripture that says…

Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may because of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation. ~ 1 Peter 2:12, NASB

RosesWhat a beautiful person God is creating in my daughter’s husband. So generous and kind, loving others more than himself. And this is not the only time he’s been self-sacrificing or generous, but I’m seeing a glorious pattern in him. Living out what he says he believes, it almost brought me to tears. Again, another Sunday blessed, It’s so exciting to know that my daughter will be well taken care of when I die by her wonderful godly husband Matt. ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, Learning To Keep My Behavior Excellent

    • Awh, thanks Marcus, you are sweet. I’m really kind of hard on Matt most of the time but I’ve been too hard on him so I decided I will ease up and give him way MORE encouragement. Thanks for the comment. Waiting to read more blog posts from you!!! Shazz


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