Daily Prompt: My Desires&My Reality

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

We always want greatness, as our profession, as children, and as we arrive at adulthood, the things we thought were great as kids are not that great as adults, for many reasons. For one, we have a shallow idea of greatness as kids, two, we have a small view of the world at that time. Three, we may have deep thoughts but its hard to articulate them without a seasoned vocabulary to help kids make sense of it all to another person. In other words, we must become mature. In my case this was absolutely true.

As a kid, I wanted to be a lot of things, but what I kept coming back to was journalism. Someone who interviews and writes about famous people. I didn’t want to be the one interviewed but the interviewer. Overtime, as I got older, I started understanding that being someone who probes another for personal information with annoying intrusive questions isn’t anything I would want done, so why do it? So, I then thought, “No another profession that would be honest and positive.”

What I didn’t know then is my calling and not profession would be something note worthy and important, and so ordinary and somewhat mundane, yet so needed and crucial. That it would give my life all its meaning and be the most exciting accomplishment of my life. Which is funny because as a kid, I would not think this calling would be critical for any reason. However, it’s essential for people to have this in their lives to get a good start on the road to becoming an asset to society and not a hindrance.

As I think about the latest news in America, or I should say in the US where I live, of the young man, Elliot Rodger, killing senselessly because he wasn’t popular and couldn’t get pretty blond women to go out with him; makes me realize that its imperative for this calling to have meticulously self-sacrificing qualities to be done right and with extreme care and caution. Why? Because without that consideration, our kids turn into twisted misogynistic human beings, also because narcissistic parents, create narcissistic children!!!

When a person elevates themselves above others, and become the most important being on earth, is where the permissive parenting starts. When a parent doesn’t face and address this kind of thinking in their children, or are too afraid to face it, is the first step to the folly to come. Then with no attempt at obviating this self-absorbed thinking it becomes the monster in the room, as it lies in wait, ready to unleash its wrath upon the world.

This is quintessential parenting 101, to not ignore the obvious or sweep it under the rug, or mask it with excuses and behavior modifying drugs. And all it takes is one debased human being to ruin 6 or more people’s lives just because he thinks he’s entitled too. His parents did a horrible disservice first to him then society, with their permissiveness that led to their disturbed son’s diabolical master plan. Which almost cost Elliot’s father his younger son! READ AND DEAL WITH THE SIGNS EARLY TO PREVENT THE MONSTER LATER!!!

Hands/image: sgiquarterly.org
Hands/image: sgiquarterly.org

If we as people don’t start seeing this calling as undoubtedly the most important assignment in our lives, our society and young people won’t make it. I bet anyone reading this by now knows what that calling is? Yes, its ordinary, yes it’s not glamorous, and yes it’s excruciatingly difficult at times, but it’s critical, and yes it’s being a dedicated proactive parent, which requires focus, diligence and sacrifice. Not psychotropic drugs, therapists, murder, police and suicide. ~ Musings&Rants

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