Edge Of Tomorrow, Was Good and Edgy**

T. Criuse and E. Blunt/image: youtube.com
T. Cruise and E. Blunt/image: youtube.com

Tom Cruise, who has been around it seems since the beginning of time, has really done something great in this movie. Since I’m not a TC fan, I was pleasantly surprised by how well he communicated his character to the audience. It took him being fully sold out on the story for the audience’s full engagement. By that I mean he’s what pulls you in to see it and the rest of the production keeps you there. The movie that right away comes to mind is, Ground Hog Day, but sci-fi. And without giving too much away, it’s worth full price.

The Premise: Officer Cage, is a college grad with a rank, he’s not really a soldier but has a service man’s title. He knows nothing about battle but get’s thrown into it head first. As he learns how to fight, he keeps repeating the day over and over again until he get’s it right. On the way he meets his key partner Rita, Emily Blunt, who is a very capable warrior and knows what’s up. She helps him become successful as she also ameliorates her warfare skills.

The Sum Up: Tom Cruise is exceptional in the role, maybe even award worthy!!! I don’t understand how he managed it but he’s very good. A very surprising performance that had moments of a visceral/raw emotion from him. Something that was lacking in Oblivion, his sci-fi film from last year. I believe what was lacking in that film that was prevalent in this one, is the chemistry with his lady lead, EB, as well as the script staying focused on the goal. With very good special effects, and good acting from its co stars, the movie had a realism that kept you riveted. This movie is something the family can see together with kids 12 and up. The score is an easy A+ THEATER WORTHY, see this in theaters it’s that good. This movie is rated PG13, with no Safety Alerts. ~ Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on “Edge Of Tomorrow, Was Good and Edgy**

  1. Okay, this cracked me up, “Tom Cruise, who has been around it seems since the beginning of time . . .” 🙂 I enjoyed the movie. I thought it could have been shorter though.


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