Adam Sandler, is not the funniest comedian out there, and I’m not a fan. However, because of my friend coming with me to the movies this was the only movie we were willing to agree upon. This Blended business would never have happened had I gone to the movies by myself.

The Premise: Sandler plays Jim a working single dad who goes on a date with Drew Barrymore’s character, Lauren who is a single mom. Since it’s an awful first date they decide that this date will be their last. As each go to their perspective corners never to hear from each other again. But as they separate, their credit cards get switched up and have to meet again to return them.

I don’t like Adam Sandler but I do like Drew Barrymore and in this movie she was pretty funny. This movie had moments and had some silly situations but for the most part it was just pretty stupid. This movie is definitely not a movie to pay full price for. One thing I don’t understand about some comedians is how they become popular. In Sandler’s case who told him he was funny? The only thing he does funny is shout, outside of that I don’t get it. And Sandler has made a lot of money with his unfunny, crass humor.

The Sum Up: With predictable silly slow motion sequences when he see’s an attractive women and silly gags that are overused throughout the movie, the movie score is C ~ DVD ONLY, see this only on DVD, don’t waste your money on the theater. Which I knew before I went in but that’s what happens when you go to the movies with a buddy. With quite a few ***Safety Alerts*** for crass humor, language, and cleavage, this movie is rated PG13. ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Blended

  1. Sandler’s movies have been far worse, but this one’s still pretty bad. The only one making it at all better is Barrymore and her charming presence. Good review.


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