Pride Is Proud

My daughter Lani
My daughter Lani

Daily Prompt: Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud. 

Instead of ringing my bell, or tooting my horn, I will take the opposite place and say, I will not boast in myself but only in what the Lord has done! So what has he done? Only everything, he’s made me understand that bragging about things I’ve done in my life is like tare, and, ash. Also, that to do anything worth bragging about it starts and ends with Him. So instead I will humble myself and tell a story that my daughter and I learned an important lesson from rather than the other option.

Two years ago, I was teaching my daughter to drive and was very impatient and annoyed with her slow learning skills. Unfairly I grumbled at her and made her nervous and insecure. And when I got back behind the wheel, I started to show off. And as a result of the rainy day,  and me driving too fast, I had an accident. I began to hydroplane over a curb while exiting the freeway on a curve. Fortunately we didn’t get injured nor did I damage the car or anybody else’s car. My daughter looked at me after we skidded to a stop with her big brown eyes and was very gracious to me. She said, “Wow, I can’t believe that just happened.” And at that moment I understood what a gracious, humble spirit was and that she had one, and that I didn’t. I said, “I’m so sorry, I treated you like that.” I hugged her and thanked God no one was hurt and didn’t grumble again during her driver’s training.

Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling. It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowly Than to divide the spoil with the proud. ~ Proverbs 16:18-19 NAS

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