22 Jump Street

C. Tatum, J. Hill/image: ehads.com
C. Tatum, J. Hill/image: ehads.com

I’m not exactly sure why this film got such a high rating from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, having said that I will now go right into the review.

The Premise: Like the first film Jenko, Channing Tatum, and Schmidt, Jonah Hill, are back for another undercover bromance operation. They are about to head to college and have a new drug they are trying to find. As in the first they have to “infiltrate the dealer and find the supplier.”  So the story flows from that premise.

They use a lot of the same jokes as in the first and yet it was still pretty funny. They had a lot of funny lines but the movie overall was pretty random as it wasn’t sure where it was going. Ice Cube, Captain Dickson, did a lot more cursing in this one as did all the characters, and it was nice to see some fresh new faces on-screen. For example, Wyatt Russell, Zook, and Jillian Bell, Mercedes. The directors Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller, managed to give cameos to the actors from the original show and they also gave them to the cast from the first movie as well.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about the sequel, was introducing the idea of the interracial relationship aspect more readily in movies than before. It was nice to see this relationship addressed in movies now a days and normalized somewhat. By that I mean, it wasn’t a thing in the movie, it just was a guy liking a girl and she happened to be black, Amber Stevens, Maya, as he happened to be white, Jonah Hill, Schmidt. And it was good that they were trying to take the stigma out of it. Which helps society adjust to what has been since the 1800’s but only stigmatized.

The Sum Up: With great one liners, funny impromptu moments, the movie’s strength is, if you liked the first movie you will like this one. The movie rating score is C+, it’s almost a B- but I had to give a C because of the language as it gets a ***Safety Alert*** for a dubious relationship, and drug use. Rated R.

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