Godzilla 2014*

Godzilla 2014/image: graphics.latimes.com
Godzilla 2014/image: graphics.latimes.com

I went to see Godzilla because, no I wasn’t going to see Think Like A Man 2, or Xmen what number are they on? And Transformers 4 isn’t out yet. So…

The Premise: The idea of Godzilla, is a kind of public service announcement about the horrors of nuclear war. So the story centers around that. And the monster was created from radio-active waste, or some such thing. The movie runs much the same as most Godzilla movies except, the special effects are exceedingly well done, and there’s a twist to the story.

As usual, the one’s overseeing the plans to get rid of this menace, never listen to the Godzilla expert, and it always ends up the same way, with a debacle of sorts which leads to a bad plan A going awry. Then good plan B has to be injected quickly or everyone in the world will die. And it’s all the fault of Americans because we don’t listen, and the monsters take the brawl to us in the fight for the centuries. With the “Let’s get ready to rumble,” tone set, it’s about to be on. I don’t know why higher-ups never listen to the Godzilla expert, sheesh. But this Godzilla isn’t a comedy and it’s got a hero monster and a villain monster. And since it’s hard to do this story with anything unpredictable, they didn’t try, which was smart.

The Godzilla expert, Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, played by Ken Watanabe is an extremely good actor but of course underused, his job was to look terrified yet contemplative throughout the movie with very little lines and a look of fright on his face as the camera pans away from him. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ford Brody was the human hero, supposedly all American (who is really British), and Bryan Cranston, Joe Brody the father, was the mad scientist, but really an engineer, with no Dr. in front of his name. All did a good job portraying their characters.

The Sum Up:  With good special effects and the well written twist this movie score is  BNOTE WORTHY, see either in theaters or on DVD but see it. It had great music and no ***Safety Alert*** this one the family can see together, 10 and up. Rated PG13.

6 thoughts on “Godzilla 2014*

  1. I’m glad you included whether or not it was suitable for children. I think it’s important to mention these things. It’s funny, I don’t have kids, but I always act like I do!


      • I know. It’s so important though. I find it infuriating that we forget we have children who are learning to read when people post swear words or negativity in public spaces.

        All movie ratings should have this! PG is just a label. Why not have a parent or someone say what is not okay or give warnings in advance. Easy peasy, right!?


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