J. Gyllenhall/image: thechronicleherald.ca
J. Gyllenhall/image: thechronicleherald.ca

Jake Gyllenhaal is not my most favorite actor. He tends to play the same guy in every movie, and lacks a range. I’m never surprised by him. He’s the character who doesn’t really know why anything is happening to him, and walks around in a kind of daze and is confused by it all. I’m always thinking, “Jeez, it’s him doing that again?” Ever since Johnny Darko, nothing’s changed with him. Also, it doesn’t help you become a fan, when you hear too many bad things about an actors private life. The only actor in history where bad publicity actually helped his career is Robert Downey Jr., and it was waning right at the end.

The Premise: Anthony St. Claire, Jake Gyllenhall, is a guy who’s burnt out with his life and his teaching job, and reluctantly decides to take a work colleagues recommendation on a movie to watch. As he rents and watches the movie he notices an actor in the film looks exactly like him and this distresses him. So he goes about trying to find his double and make sense of it all.

The concept of the movie is interesting and it’s one of those films where every scene is important to put the story all together. The problem with the film, is it was trying so hard for quirky and off kilter and ends up being annoying and slow. With the sepiated film color, it tries desperately to be a clever vehicle  in the story, to alert the audience that something is amiss. However, it doesn’t serve its purpose and ends up making the movie seem trite. Then there’s all the long pauses and drawn out scenes with no dialog, that are endless and do nothing to move the story along. Perhaps the film was going for a The Fly kind of feel but didn’t work here.

The Sum Up: With a lot of huge holes in the story and very little explanation for other things the story gets stunted. And being very insipid and slow at the beginning it was hard to sit there for almost two hours waiting for something to happen. So this movie gets C- DVD ONLY, don’t waste your money on the theater. With tons of ***Safety Alert*** cautions, for a dubious relationship, sex scenes, and language. This one is not entertaining at all. I’m also confused by Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB ratings for this garbage? This movie is rated R.

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