A Hot Smell

Daily Prompt: S’mores, salty ocean breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer?

Did anyone know that you can smell summer on people??? And it’s called, Hot Smell. Hot Smell happens when people come into a room from outside. It’s a hard smell to describe other than to say a Hot Smell. And it’s so subtle, meaning I only smell it on very hot days. Usually triple digit days. It really speaks to me and tells me we are in the throes of summer, and it’s dangerously hot outside.

To try to describe Hot Smell, it’s a mixture of hot asphalt, dirt/sand, hot air, smog, and the sun. Then add the human body and you’ve got it. It’s very organic and visceral. It makes me happy.

Usually you can smell it on the back of people, when they pass you. And this smell I’m not sure is sweat. Although it might be a mixture of sweat and the Hot Smell of outside. It’s a reassuring smell and it doesn’t stink, it smells good to me. It’s also a smell which alerts me of two things. One, get the person inside to cool down, and two, be sure and get them some water. And if I know a person well I will say, “I smell summer on you.” It’s also very faint, and it goes away quickly once you’ve been inside a cool area for a while. As it is a smell that you can smell on yourself if you pay attention but it’s easier to smell it on others. Because it permeates around the shoulders and neck. Hot Smell is a lovely smell that reminds me of my youth and playing hard outside back then. I really look forward to Hot Smell every year. What about you?

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