Transformers: Age Of Extinction*

At just under 3 hours, what can I say about this long drawn out sequel? I mean my goodness, they almost needed an intermission.

M. Wahlberg, N. Peltz, J. Reynor/Image:
M. Wahlberg, N. Peltz, J. Reynor/Image:

The Premise: It centers around of course Optimus Prime, the head autobot who’s in hiding as usual. But this time no Sam Whitwicky. So they just never brought him up. Instead they installed Cade Yagher, Mark Wahlberg some random new guy to the mix. Then as OP eventually comes out of hiding at Cade’s farm barn, all chaos ensues and since Cade helps OP get back on his feet, and because he’s an inventor or some such thing, he becomes his new replacement buddy in place of Sam. As usual, there’s a pretty female lead who is Cade’s daughter, Tessa, Nicola Peltz and a handsome beau, Shane Dyson, Jack Reynor for her as well. To round off the cast, they had to use an old favorite Bumble Bee to make the Michael Bay production complete.

Bumble Bee/image:
Bumble Bee upgrade/image:

Since the core Transformer story center’s around the autobots vs. the decepticons this story isn’t any different. The autobots have to continually save humans because we keep being deceived by the decepticons and siding with them. For some reason we simply can’t learn from our past mistakes, and keep letting bad robots get the best of us. And what’s even more disturbing is the last battle was only 5 years ago, so we really need to get a clue.

Since Bay basically obviates all the previous movies, by not mentioning ANY of the main characters from the last productions in this one, it makes the story very weak and is extremely annoying. It’s silly when sequels try to ignore the fact that another actor was the main character of the last 3 movies and not even given an exit back story. How hard would it have been to write, that Sam was in a major car accident and was unable to take part in this battle, or some such thing? Though, the movie did have spectacular stunts and amazing explosions, it felt trite and lazy because of the lack of essential story development.

The Sum Up: My movie score is B-, NOTE WORTHY, see either in theaters or on DVD but see it. For the over the top special effects. The movie has one F-bomb, so I would say it gets a ***Safety Alert*** also not for kids under 12 for violence. But as for the story and how they handled the new main characters, very much a C, for DVD ONLY. This movie is rated PG13.


5 thoughts on “Transformers: Age Of Extinction*

    • Exactly, producers need to take a lesson in how to make a sequel by watching 22 jump street. And stop trying to take themselves so seriously. At least the Shia Labeouf one’s were more funny.


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