Ladybug’s Turning 23

Lani at jobcorps june 2014

23 years old, can this be right? I can hardly wrap my head around this number being the age of my only daughter as of July 4th, 2014 at about 7:00 pm. These birthday’s are very introspective because it says a lot about where I have been with her and where I maybe going without her. And to add even more introspection to these birthday’s, she’s married and is living her own life without me in it for the most part. All of this is great in theory but when it actually happens it doesn’t feel that great. Because most parents would love to get a do over in areas of raising their kids and can’t once the kids are grown up. Also, when parents only have one child the introspection deepens because you only had one chance to get it right and then your done.

Lani and Me June 2014
Lani and Me cheesing at her birthday dinner.

So I want to encourage any readers, specifically one’s who want children in their future, to please consider carefully about having at least two children if not a few more. Why is this? Because as a mother of only one child, the desire to have had more is persistent, even if there isn’t an opportunity to have more. And if you do only have one for whatever reason, it’s hard to let them go when they grow up because of the strong desire to continue to parent. Though, I wouldn’t change a thing about my parenting career generally, but I now have to wait for grandchildren to revisit the position again and only in a secondary kind of way.

Matt and Lani, and her new hair cut.

Which will be fine I guess, I just have to wait and hope it will be soon. Or at least before I have too many aches and pains, and can’t pick up my grand babies. So I’m glad Ladybug’s turning 23 because self-reflection is a good thing to see where I can improve as a person and as a parent to an adult who hopefully will soon be having her own kids. I’m excited about the next chapter, and I sure hope I’m a better grandparent than I was a parent, especially since I didn’t get to hone in my parenting on the second or third child.

white ladybug sign



2 thoughts on “Ladybug’s Turning 23

  1. Shazza, I think you did a marvelous job raising your daughter. When a mom has finished the parenting phase and has won her daughter as a friend and sister-in-the-Lord, then I say–well done! You encourage me as I raise my 14 year-old daughter and her two older brothers.

    Blessings & hugs for 2015 ~ Wendy ❀


    • Thanks so much Wendy, I give our faithful God all the credit, I thank Him for allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me and push me to do the things that were really hard to do. There is so much reward when your child gets to the place where God takes over in the parenting process (which he’s doing all along), and it’s like music to your ears to hear them praising the name of Christ on their own. I’m praying for that for you and yours. Blessings friend.

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