Banging On The Bongos

My cousin, grandpa, his girlfriend and their baby, my head is in front of him with the pink ribbon. 1972
My cousin, grandpa, his girlfriend and their baby, my head is in front of him with the pink ribbon. 1972

Daily Prompt: Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.

The Bongos is my favorite instrument. It’s such an emotional and visceral sounding instrument it makes me want to sway and snap my fingers now thinking about them. The sound of them brings me happiness I think I love the drums in general, but theirs something about the bongos that gives me chills. I think the reason is as a youth my grandpa would play them for me and always let me play with him. He would sometimes play along with a record or just on his own. He only played by ear, but was exceptional at it. It’s more of a wonderful memory of him I think, and the bongo sound brings all those memories rushing back to me. Although, I must say again the sound they make is lovely.

I remember he would put on the album What’s going on, by Marvin Gaye and play along with the songs. He would tell me that Marvin was one of the best and had great musicians on his albums. I won’t ever forget those times, because they were fun. As I played them with him, he would tell me that I had a good ear and great rhythm. I used to love when he’d tell me or my mom that. He was so artistic and such a hippy, always wearing patchouli, and wore an earring in his left ear. My friends use to say,”that’s your grandpa?” “He looks like he’s your dad.” I then would say, “nope, he’s my mom’s dad.” Wow, my old sweet grandpa, I miss him.

He gave me such an appreciation for the arts, as did my mom and the bongos was a big part of those moments in time. I love the bongos and think it’s time to listen to a little Marvin Gaye!

4 thoughts on “Banging On The Bongos

  1. Precious. You KNOW we’re the drummin’ family. =)
    “The sound of them brings me happiness” Wonderful. Love how the senses capture and deliver memories and a whole history back to our heart.


    • It does D, and yes I know you all are drummers, I hope one day to hear!!! And yes I even had a cry today because of this pic of my family and then it’s my mom’s birthday july 3rd. She’s gone and my granpa’s gone and my cousin to the left of him is gone also.


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