D. Lee and C. Prowse/Image:
D. Lee and C. Prowse/Image:

Talk about a good horror film, this movie was reminiscent of Chronicle and District 9, but Canadian, and not sci-fi. I really enjoyed this movie and don’t usually watch horror flicks mostly because they are vapid and clichéd. Though, on occasion, movie producers will surprise you and give a fresh look at an old genre.

The Premise: The story starts off with a happy tone, what could be bad about a travel documentary? Well we find out quickly how things can go awry and turn into something horrible and out of control. Derek Lee, and Cliff Prowse, are childhood best friends and decide to embark on a year’s vacation traveling around the world. And since Derek has a rare life threatening brain disease, he doesn’t know if this will be his last trip of his life. They are also filmmakers and want to document their travels Derek for special memories, and Cliff for the documentary.

As, they start their journey, Derek and Cliff meet a couple of former college friends in Paris who urge Derek to find a female to have a fling with. So the group go to a bar and Derek has success, and as he and the girl go back to his hotel room for the romantic interlude, the guys hangout at the bar but can’t wait to get back to the room to tease him about it all. All the while Cliff is filming these events for his travel documentary, (that is everything leading up to the hotel room and everything just after Derek has his interlude). When the guys finally arrive back at the room they find Derek alone semi conscience, wounded, and bloodied, as he has no recollection of what just happened to him. They also find the woman’s clothes there and a window wide open where she either escaped or maybe abducted. Then over the next few days Derek begins to act strange.

The Sum Up: This film really had legs, and was well-directed. The directors are the principle actor’s Derek and Cliff and used the found footage style so the film reminds you of a solo player video game at times, but with no motion sickness. They are also real life BFF’s. It’s interesting reading the Wiki about this film, note: (spoiler alert in the wiki info). With its good acting, make up, and stunts, as well as funding this project with their own money, it didn’t have a low budget feel to it at all. ALSO THE MAIN CHARACTER WAS ASIAN, THIS WAS THE BEST PART, AND THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! How nice to see an Asian actor as the lead in a non Asian movie or period piece. With great execution, good pace, and wonderful writing these guy’s should have received way more accolades for this venture. My movie score is, BNOTE WORTHY, see either in theaters or on DVD but see it. Wow, is all I can say I would have given this movie an A, if it was still in theaters and didn’t have so much language. ***Safety Alert,*** for violence but not excessive and language, with a dubious relationship thrown in for good measure. But I really liked how they handled the dubious relationship with its terrible consequences. This movie is rated R.

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