A Summer Flower Shout Out!

This year I have looked for very different flowers to take pictures of. I wanted to make sure I couldn’t name any of the one’s without looking them up on Google. But since I was able to name some, it did take me a little more time to find a lot of these.

Orange Cosmos was found today on my walk. It’s a lovely little flower and with a Bumble Bee laying in it. The sad thing about this particular flower, is, I think the Bee was dead. He wasn’t moving and all his Bee buddies were pollinating away as he just laid there on the bud.

Orange Cosmos Flower 2

Then this flower I knew already although rather rare, it reminds me of pink and lavender jelly beans and Easter time. Rose of Sharon, indigenous to Israel, as it’s also a Bible flower.

Rose of Sharon 2

Canna Lily was very hard to find the name of because there are so many species of orange flowers which are very similar to this, like orange gladiola’s but I was able to narrow it down, by putting in the search, big petal orange flower with long stem.

Canna Lily edited 2

The Pink Hibiscus flower is exceptional in its color, with very big petals this is not hard to ID. This is also a very easy shot to get right even when the sun is directly in front of the flower.

Pink Hibiscus 2

The Wild Pincushion flower is also exceptional in its color, it’s a very small flower maybe as big as the face of a quarter and the flower is on a long small stem. This was pretty hard to ID because there are a lot of little species lavender flowers, you have to narrow it down by putting the word small wild lavender flowers, in the search engine to get a picture to come up on the images. I had to sit on the ground and put my camera phone right in front of the flower to get this shot.

Pincushion Flower 2

And finally Brown Eyed Susan, these in my opinion, are the summer staple of the season. You don’t usually see these until it gets very hot and are just so lovely. This shot had perfect lighting I didn’t do anything to this pic except make it a little sharper, good fortune was on my side.

Brown Eyed Susan 2



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