J. Phoenix/image: Thefeministwife.com
J. Phoenix/image: Thefeministwife.com

 I just finished watching this movie on dvd and have to say I liked it. I was hesitant to see it because the premise seemed baffling and silly, but I was completely surprised by it. Here’s an interesting note, when you read the IMDb it says that this movie is Sci-Fi. Yeah, I guess it is in a way. 

The Premise

Joaquin Phoenix is Theodore a recently separated lonely letter writer, he writes sentimental letters for people as his profession, but he’s burnt out. His life is very mundane and uneventful, so as he’s walking home from the subway one day, he sees a virtual commercial advertisement about an operating system that interacts with you like a friend. So he buys the system and turns it on and he begins to talk to a voice named Samantha on his computer, Scarlet Johansson. As he interacts with her he realizes her voice is filling a void in his life and he begins to fall for her voice emotionally. As he does he’s very confused and yet happy about it, so he begins a romantic relationship with her voice. He even rejects a real physical human relationship for her voice and so the story goes. 

Wow, is the word to describe the concept and the acting in this film. With things becoming so virtual and as we get more disconnected from one another and more connected to our smartphones, the movie really serves as a possible blue print to the future. As we are now a place with many millions of people in the world who are extremely unsocial and where it’s weird to speak to each other in audible words and not weird to text from a cellphone screen, touch pad, or computer. And it will soon be acceptable to have a sexy computer voice as a companion, how sad is that? So this movie is relevant, and should be discussed especially with young people, because how will we perpetuate the human race if theirs no physical contact? But I guess that would be the worst case scenario, but still, human interaction could get awkward. Joaquin, convey’s this brilliantly with his vulnerability and desperation to connect with something instead of someone because it’s easier.

The Sum Up

 I could say more about this movie but I will stop here and just let you know that the director Spike Jonze is pretty clever at what he’s attempting to convey. As he does this in a timely piece of work going on the precipice of what’s to come in life if we don’t take a good look at our current situation. With very good art direction and cinematography, I could barely tell the movie was filmed in Los Angeles (my hometown). Also, with a great soundtrack and interesting costumes, it definitely feels like the future as you watch this movie. The realism is in the extras around him doing exactly the same thing he’s doing, talking to their computers and not each other, it gives the sense that all is very normal and right. It’s interesting, because you see this disconnect now in coffee shops, no one is speaking to anyone else but zoned in on their electronics because of free wifi. This movie get’s an A ~ THEATER WORTHY, see this in theaters it’s that good for the story telling, and art direction. Actors were also very believable. It also gets a ***Safety Alert*** for lots of language, this movie is rated R and is now on dvd.

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