Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes**

Caesar/image: moviepilot.com
Caesar/image: moviepilot.com

Talk about being conflicted about seeing this movie. I debated for about an hour before I left my home and then 15 minutes more after I got there. First I read some reviews on WP, by my favorite reviewers, than Rotten Tomatoes, and still couldn’t decide. I haven’t liked movies with computer generated images in the past unless it’s an all out computer generated movie. Well that’s all changed and they even made the Ape movie series enjoyable!!!

The Premise…

Caesar, Andy Serkis, is the lead ape in the movie and distrusting of humans. As he and the band of apes are in exile in the mountains of San Francisco after an epidemic wiped out most of the human population and destroyed the world as humans knew it. The epidemic didn’t kill all humans but wiped out most, and all the humans that survived are immune to the virus but in need of fuel and electricity. Which is where the apes are in exile. So as the apes are doing the best to stay away from the humans, the humans come on their turf because there is where the power source is.

The movies premise was pretty simple and didn’t make things over complicated, and it’s interesting to note that voice actors played the parts of the apes to make the computer generated characters look real and did a great job. All the apes were likable and believable. Even them speaking was believable. It also helped that the apes didn’t speak to each other audibly. Also, the apes used American Sign Language to communicate to each other, this made their communication uniquely their own unless of course someone deaf happened around. These were some highly evolved apes, and you cared about their plight. It was also good that it wasn’t necessary to see the first movie to understand this one.  Movie creators aren’t making this mistake very much anymore with sequels, which is smart if they want more people to see the movie.

The Sum Up…

This movie gets an A ~ THEATER WORTHY, see this in theaters it’s that good. Mostly because CGI has upped it’s game and the creators have learned how to use this technology incredibly well these days. Gone are the days of things looking creepy, and almost like what they’re supposed to look like, but not quite. Now things look more natural and fluid. Then the soundtrack was beautiful. I was also impressed that the apes didn’t necessarily upstage the human actors, but were more interesting to watch. I think because they were so self-reliant and didn’t need anything from the humans, but the humans needed something from them. All the voice actors were great at making it work, as the human actors were good too. Gary Oldman is an awesome actor that doesn’t get credit for his work enough. And the main human character the peace maker Malcolm, Jason Clark was convincing. This movie is one the family can see with children 10 and up. With some violence but nothing too up close and graphic it is family friendly. This movie is rated PG13.

A. Serkis as Caeser in CGI wear/image: totalfilm.com
A. Serkis as Caeser in CGI wear for his facial expressions/image: totalfilm.com

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