Uhmm, Why Did I Want To Be An Adult?

Adult Visions: As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

First who says, I’m adult anyway? What’s the big deal, all this means is you’re getting old, and losing your edge. It’s pretty much overrated and the responsibility is extreme!!! However, I do remember as a youth wishing for this, and now it’s here well has been for a while and I’m not impressed. The only thing being an adult does grant you, is the ability to learn from your past and gain some wisdom for your future but this only happens if you’re paying close attention to the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Otherwise, you’re walking around in a daze of chaos and unlearned lessons only to repeat the same stupid stuff over and over until you get a clue.

Well perhaps I’m being too cynical, being an adult can be a beautiful thing. For sure you cannot be a grandparent unless you’ve been a parent and you are defiantly a grown up when grand parenting happens.  And this is the chapter of my life I’m about to enter and I can’t wait. I thought parenting would be exciting and although it had its moments, mostly it was hard. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing about the way my life has gone and I’m excited for what the future holds. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Uhmm, Why Did I Want To Be An Adult?

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