33 Postcards**

Z. Lin, 33 Postcards/image: aidyreview.net
Z. Lin, 33 Postcards/image: aidyreview.net

I watched this movie on Amazon Streaming the other day and thought it was a great foreign film. It was very sweet, quirky, and interesting. I really enjoyed the cultural contrasts and seeing what lower middle class Australia might look like.

The Premise…

The movie opens with a two or three year old girl being taken to an orphanage in China with no real explanation for why. The only thing you can assume from the first sad scene, is it’s China and she’s a girl, and maybe it has something to do with only two children policy put in place in the country back in the 70’s, to deal with over population. That said, she starts receiving letters from a man sponsoring her from Australia and as she receives his letters, she writes letters and sends photos back letting him know how she’s doing. She is also very grateful for his generosity and she vows to meet and thank him personally one day.

G. Pearce/image: liveforfilms.com
G. Pearce/image: liveforfilms.com

The main actors Guy Pearce, Dean Randall and Zhu Lin, Mei Mei, were exceptional in their roles, Dean, as the man sponsoring her and Mei Mei, as the recipient of his kindness. The director Pauline Chan, conveys their cultural differences very clearly and let’s the audience know right away that these two characters are on a collision course and it probably isn’t going to be pleasant, when and if they finally meet. Zhu Lin’s, acting is adorable and is so sweet and sincere as the determined young woman who wants to meet the man who showed her so much kindness most of her life. And Guy Pearce plays his role very muted but realistically as an insecure, awkward man, who embellishes a lot of the letter’s he writes Mei Mei, to give the impression of being something better than what he really is.

The Sum Up…

This movie get’s an A ~ THEATER WORTHY, see this in theaters it’s that good. But it came out back in 2011 so you will have to watch it on DVD, or Amazon Streaming, it’s not on Netflix streaming unfortunately. The film is an independent, and it shows interesting locations in Australia, not the most infamous one’s that most people see in Australian movies. It’s also nice to note that Australia has an underbelly that isn’t so pleasant. Sometimes when movies come to the US from other places, they tend to show all the most touristy and picturesque area’s and it gives the impression that all of a certain place looks likes this even though you know this cannot be true. With an interesting story and good directing and acting this movie is worth your time. It has a few moments when it get’s a little overly sentimental but it works and I think it’s based on a true story I can’t remember exactly, but not important. Not for young children but kids 12 and up, this movie is not rated.

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    • Sure, I love reviewing good movies. Thanks for the shout outs on my new layout, I have to change it every few months to keep it interesting. Please do check this movie out, it’s lovely.


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