The Piece Of Glass (Childhood Drama)

G and me in happier times.
G and me in happier times.

Odd Trio Redux: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.

This story is in a narrative today

The year was 1972 or 73 , I was 7, and my uncle was 8 (long story). Anyway, we were at the park on a beautiful summer day celebrating our families summer birthday’s and my uncle and cousin were being extremely mean to me because I was the youngest kid of the group and I tattled on them a lot. And on this specific day, I was extremely frustrated with them and all the teasing.

As my cousin 10, my uncle 8, and aunt his sister 10, and I 7 were running around the park playing with water balloons, I of course got upset because they all ganged up on me and started throwing all their balloons at me at once. So I was getting smacked in the head and was drenched.

So what do I do? I started to cry and ran to adults screaming that they were drowning me and I couldn’t get away. My mom, was my hero always, and rescued me from the assault, and said, “Stop making her crazy, why do you 3 always torment her?” My mom, you have to understand, was the sister of my uncle and aunt even though she was 28 going on 29 then, (again long story). They said, “Because she can’t handle being with big kids.” I yelled and said, (I will just call my uncle G for now.) “G’s not a big kid, he’s only a year older than me!” And he said, “Yeah but I’m not a cry baby like you!”

So of course to fix the problem the adults decide to take the water balloons away from everyone and made us all sit down and put our flip-flops back on. Why did they do that? I was going to get clobbered by the kids, when the adults backs were turned. Meanwhile, I was dripping wet and G started to laugh at me and said, “I hate you because you always ruin the fun!” and I started to cry quietly. Then, after about a half an hour of quiet torment and eating lunch and cutting the cake for the birthday people, they let us get up and run around again but with no balloons. They also separated the girls, me and my aunt from the boys, my cousin and uncle. Then my mom took my aunt and I with her to get ice cream and left the boys at the park with my grandfather.

As we were leaving to go get ice cream, my uncle G started teasing me again, he said, “See you later cry baby.” And I lost it and said, “You didn’t listen to your dad, and put your flip-flops on, I hope you get a piece of glass stuck in your foot!” My mom said, “If you two don’t stop, you won’t get any ice cream and I will take you home, Sharon!!!” So I stopped, and when we got back with the ice cream, there was a ton of commotion and my grandfather a strong man was leaping to his van carrying G as he was screaming and blood was shooting out of his foot. Why? Because he stepped on a piece of glass and they were taking him to the hospital, yeah it was that bad.

broken glass/image:
broken glass/image:

So my grandfather, G and my mom’s dad, stopped and faced me after putting G into the van and said, “Honey this isn’t your fault, but please don’t wish bad things on people, because sometimes they happen.” Then he said, “I love you,” and gave me a hug, he was so sweet and wise to tell me that. I loved my middle-aged grandpa, but as they were pulling out of the parking lot, G looked at me with tear-stained eyes like I was Satan.

2 thoughts on “The Piece Of Glass (Childhood Drama)

  1. Well, I don’t even remember the events leading up to the glass incident. To be honest I don’t even recall you being there, but it was fun going back in time. Oh well, I guess it affected you profoundly. Kids can be mean. As you must admit that is not my character??? I will take this moment to apologize for tormenting you, even though Karma seemed to quickly balance the scales. In the her story, his story and the real story I wonder what really happened and who was instigating it. Anyway, I know I did resent the combined birthday celebrations because our B-days are two days apart on top of the further morphing of Christmas and Jan. 11 and 13. I’m over it now and I no longer celebrate birthdays. I stopped at 40 and I feel like I’m 30. So the moral of the story (for me) is don’t throw water balloons in your glass house…the shit will come back to bite you.


    • Yes, the story had somethings added, I will tell you on a private message what. But for the most part it was pretty accurate, and believe me I know I was annoying and you and my cuz your nephew were just plain sick of me. So I understand how things go. All is well and we have been super cool with each other ever since, I don’t know if we ever had another run in ever again? And yes, the poop will come back and bite you later sometimes!!!!


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