Okay, My Phone Does What Again?


My Android model.
My Android model.

Second Opinion: What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

This prompt made it incredibly easy to come up with a subject. When I think about electronics and what I want mine to do I call on a great expert who is a master at figuring out what specs I need. My daughter should get paid to help people with this when it comes to a phone or computer.

She is good at looking at cost, and what the device does, as well as how well I can maneuver it. She thinks about if I need certain things because I’m not the most electronic savvy, but mainly since she knows me, so she implores me not to make a purchase without her guidance because usually I don’t do so well when I go rogue on her and try to be cute and independent. She warns against this all the time and my latest rogue act got me into trouble and I ended up buying 2 smartphones because the first wasn’t advanced enough for me and because I used it for a month, I didn’t take it back for a refund. I gave it to her for a friend because they didn’t have the money for one. Her exact words were, “Mom, I told you, not to make any purchases until you check with me ok?” And now I really try to listen because, money doesn’t grow on trees (I love this cliche).

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