Guardians Of The Galaxy*

Z. Saldana, B. Cooper, C. Pratt, V. Diesel, D. Bautista/image:
Z. Saldana, B. Cooper, C. Pratt, V. Diesel, D. Bautista/image:

Chris Pratt is becoming a pretty good actor, and before his work in the movies, he seemed like the guy who got a big break with no real acting skills. When he started on the TV show Parks and Recreation I thought he was kind of funny but very stupid in his role. Even though his role was to be exactly that. And the writing of his character on the show seemed to get more and more ridiculous which made me feel sorry for him being useless on the show. Then I saw him in Moneyball and thought this role showed substance and that it wasn’t pure luck getting cast in the Parks and Recs series. So overall he’s ameliorated his skills and taking acting more seriously, and he was honestly the best thing about the Lego Movie.

The Premise…

The movie opens with Star Lord, Chris Pratt a salvage guy, who’s hired to find an orb. When he finds the orb on a abandon planet, he’s ambushed by an evil underling named Korath, Djimon Hounsou of Roman The Accuser, Lee Pace. Roman wants the orb to do many evil things and take over the galaxy of course. So when Korath is unsuccessful at retrieving the goods, he gets Gamora, Zoe Saldana to get it from Star Lord, by using her green feminine charms. 

As Star Lord gets back to his home planet to deliver the orb, he finds the guy who hired him no longer wants the orb since Roman is after it. So SL enlists some help to get it to the highest bidder for the best reward money. This is wear he gets his team of, Gamora, Drax, Dave Bautista, Groot, Vin Diesel voice, and Rocket, Bradley Cooper voice . So with his team in play who eventually embark on Guarding the galaxy, from the evil doer’s even though unbeknownst to SL, he may have a turn coat in his ranks.

C. Pratt, look what a little working can do./image:
C. Pratt, look what a little working out can do. 🙂 /image:

This movie was entertaining and yet it was pretty much the same story as most, Marvel Comic movies.  As Stan Lee always manages to make a cameo, and the plot’s formula is much like, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. The funny part of the movie was the main character was somewhat of a nitwit as were some of the other team members, which let the audience know not to take these hero’s too seriously. Meanwhile, Chris Pratt is going to get typecast as the big dumb guy if he’s not careful and it might make it hard for him to ever do serious work. Which might be fine with him, but it makes his acting range a little monotonous.

The Sum Up…

It’s always nice to see co-star characters like John C. Reilly, Corpsman Dey, and Benicio Del Toro, as The Collector doing their part to make the movie fun. Also, the director and writer of this film James Gunn did a great job with it’s comedic dialog it had some very funny and awkward moments that really gave the film some legs. I give this one a B ~ NOTE WORTHY, see either in theaters or on DVD but see it. It’s fun for the family as everyone will have a good time and it’s a nice way to close out the summer blockbusters. With some crude jokes and some language, there’s no Safety Alert here. There were a few fight scenes that got tedious but over all it kept my interest. Also, for some reason in all of my criticism of Chris Pratt I really do like him as a leading man I would just like to see more range in his body of work, this movie is rated PG13.

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