My Blog Just Turned Two!!!

So today marks my second blog anniversary with WordPress. That’s exciting, having been blogging for a little over 2 years, I started blogging with Google’s Blogspot. But over time I decided it would be better if I tried WordPress.

With my small but nice blog audience I’m grateful and shocked anyone reads my blog. But this is the best way get the creative juices flowing and keep my sanity all at once. So Happy Birthday to me!!! 🙂

Here are a few very favorite pics from my recent visit too my hometown…

Where all the magic happened for me as a kid…

Childhood home in Silverlake, CA.
Childhood home in Silver Lake, CA.

It was so nice to be in LA again, I had to take some pics of my childhood home, even though it didn’t quite look like this back in the day, when I lived there. It’s all spruced up and looking like a super star now. I lived there from about 5 to 14  years old. Then we moved a little down the street from There. This was a lovely place to grow up and the view was of the Hollywood Hills, I could see the Hollywood sign and the Observatory across town from the window to the left.

My sweet mama at 26 or 27…

Mom in the early 70's
Mom in the early 70’s

It’s a wonderful thing to take pics of pics now with a cell phone or camera. You don’t have to make copies taking photo’s out of the old photo album in your aunties house. You just take a pic of the pic now.

Pretty Mural in Silver Lake, CA…

Circus of Books Mural

Circus of Books, is a magazine, and bookstore on the edge of the Silver Lake border in Los Angeles. It sits on Sunset Bl. & Sanborn Ave., and this mural is lovely. I couldn’t get the entire thing because I was too close and it was extremely hard to take pics with people walking by. But I did manage to get some of it. I have no idea who the artist is but I really like the mural.

Red Birds of Paradise, in Highland Park, CA…

Red Bird of Paradise flower
Red Bird of Paradise flower

I was taking a walk after dinner with my friends in Highland Park, and saw this beautiful flower, since it was dusk the pic came out kind of blurry, which was unfortunate.

1956 Chevy Bel Air, in Santa Clarita, CA…

My friends Chevy.
My friends Chevy.

I had lot’s of fun in So. Cal. and can’t wait to get back, with a beautiful vintage car, It was great visiting my home and the only thing I didn’t get to do was go to the beach. Something I will do for sure next time.

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