My Friend’s New Motor Home

fiesta 1
Fiesta 2003

Wow, how fun, a new motor home, I’m so happy for my friend Paula and her husband Bryan. I love rejoicing with those who are rejoicing ~ Romans 12:15. Always being faithful to take their extended family camping with them on their camping trips, and not just them but friends as well.

And when I say new motor home, I mean new to them, a Fiesta 2003. Having upgraded twice before, now they have one that’s even better than the other two and didn’t have to pay for this one. And why you might ask? Because they have been very generous with what they had in the past. It’s so nice to witness people being blessed for their faithfulness. And not just faithful in taking family and friends camping but in other ways as well.

I do find it interesting seeing people camping with motor homes, with their TV’s

With all the amenities just like Bryan likes it.
With all the amenities just like Bryan likes it.

and microwaves in them. My question is what’s the point of going camping when you bring your house with you to the camp ground? God bless Paula and Bryan though, because they really enjoy taking friends and family with them. And as for roughing it, I’m ok with not doing that since I’m not a professional camper. I will take the motor home option until I’m more confident in doing it tent style. Which I think if I ever go with them again I will be sleeping in a tent, if for no other reason to feel like a real camper.

So I say yay, for the blessing of being given such an wonderful gift from a relative, who didn’t need it anymore and was happy to bless them with it. It couldn’t have happened to a more generous couple!!!

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