Healthy Eating Here I Go!!!

My Omega Juicer
My Omega Juicer

On Monday my doctor said, that I can get off all my medication if I give him 50 lbs. so that’s what I’m doing and in six months I will visit him again. On Tuesday, I began my healthy living again. Sometimes, I get a little distracted and lazy and that’s all it takes to stop eating the right things. So because medication has side effects, I decided to get my holistic hat back on because it’s the very best way to prevent having to take medication. Plus, I would like to get slimmer anyway, and if I don’t have to diet to do it, I’m all for it. Just eating right and exercise will take care of my weight so I’m good with that.

Also, becoming vegetarian is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and now is the time. And the beautiful thing about this is, I’m not missing meat at all, I do realize this is my first 4 days but so far so good. My biggest temptation is SUGAR. Absolutely no refined sugar, a piece of fruit now and then but no chocolate, or white sugar can go in my mouth AT ALL. That said exercising will also be pretty difficult, but I’m going to do that too because I want to be a healthy grandma for my grand kids, not a shaky handicapped one. My juicer will also help me extract the very best nutrients out of my vegetables because they will be raw, and I am so excited about my new changes, I hope to share more about this. It may become a series pretty soon so look out for it.

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