No Good Deed, 2014

I. Elba as C. Evans/image:
I. Elba as C. Evans/image:


Convicted felon Colin Evans, Idris Elba is up for parole after 5 years in prison. As he get’s his verdict and then transported back to prison, he decides to escape. As he successfully escapes, he ends up at his ex girlfriend’s house to confront her about not coming to visit him in prison. His ex then tries to explain she’s moved on with her life without him, and an altercation ensues. Then he escapes from that situation but gets into a car accident and goes to a house near by to get a tow truck because he claims he left his cell phone at home. There he meets Terri, Taraji P. Henson a pretty stay at home mom, who’s burnt out with motherhood and her marriage, who is extremely lonely and distracted by the handsome strangers good looks. When she answers the door Colin asks to use her phone and so the stories goes from there.

T. Henson, as Terri/image:
T. Henson, as Terri/image:

This story was entertaining mostly because of who is in the movie, Idris plays a very good scary character. This is the first time seeing him play a bad guy but he fares well. Taraji is good at playing scared, she has very emotional eyes which convey a lot as you watch her act. The writing however, had a lot of holes in it. There were so many mistakes she made which were things any women would know not to do, like telling the intruder, your husband won’t be home til the next day? Especially someone in her former profession as a criminal lawyer specializing in cases of violence against women? This gave the story a silly unrealistic tenor and all you could think is, “What, that wouldn’t have happened.”

The Sum Up…

With it’s very unlikely story and Terri’s silly promiscuous best friend, Leslie Bibb this story wasn’t believable. The actors did try to act the best they could with the bad material they had, but it just couldn’t save the movie. The score for this flick is, C ~ DVD ONLY, don’t waste your money on the theater. It was slightly entertaining but so very far-fetched it got stale very quickly. With only one real SAFETY ALERT, some scenes of violence, this movie didn’t pack the punch I was hoping for. This one you can see with kids 10 and up, to teach them what NOT to do when a stranger comes to the door. This movie is rated PG13.

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