The Equalizer* 2014

D. Washington as Robert/image:
D. Washington as Robert/image:

Denzel Washington, has never been my favorite actor but I’ve mostly enjoyed his movies, umm, expect for Training Day , that was a NO. Anyway, as he’s matured in age I’ve come to appreciate him even more as an actor and most of his choices of roles. (The reason I went to see this one is because of the trailer and one amazing scene I saw.) Except when he plays the guy who dates a woman half his age. That’s such a boring storyline and overused cliché I can’t watch ANY old male actor in this redundant movie troupe, it’s creepy to me. But I digressed, anyway this role he plays in The Equalizer was very multi dimensional and entertaining. Not to mention this is my favorite movie genre, I LOVE HIT MAN MOVIES!!!

The Premise…

A loner and quiet man, Robert,  Washingtongoes to a neighborhood diner every night to read and drink his tea. Right off the bat you know there’s a back story here but you don’t know what. At work he’s much of the same calm and mild-mannered man and he likes helping people. Also he eats holistic and is in very good shape for a man of almost 60. While at the diner he’s made friends with some of the regulars and one of them is a young girl, Alina, Chloë Grace Moretz, who looks like a hooker. As she see’s him every night he can tell she’s distressed about her work. As she get’s to know him more they become friends and then she ends up in the hospital from being badly beaten. When he goes to visit her in the hospital he finds out the who, when, and how this happened and he goes into action.

Director Antoine Fuqua, of The Replacement Killers, and, Tears of the Sun, is exceptional at telling a action crime drama story. His directing style is very formulated but effective. He’s done different types of action movies so his style stays fresh. In this film, Washington’s character is VERY middle-aged but convincing as a killer. It was nice to see Denzel play a man of almost 60 and yet he wasn’t superman. He was a man who knew his craft, which is to kill, and his foe is a sociopath which put them on “Equal” ground.  Washington is embracing his old age nicely, which is happening to a lot of male actors his age. Thinking specifically of, Kevin Costner 58, Don Johnson, and Liam Neeson who are already in there 60’s. It’s seems films are still much kinder to men than they are to women in this age bracket which is unfortunate, the few exceptions would be Meryl Streep, and Helen Mirren, who are almost in there 70’s and are still at the top of their game.

The Sum Up…

D. Harbour, D. Washinton/image:
D. Harbour, D. Washinton/image:

With a well written script, good direction, a very good soundtrack, and very decent acting, this movie works on all levels. Denzel, gives a solid dangerous man performance, somewhat reminiscent of his role in Man on Fire. Also, I must mention David Harbour, playing Masters, Robert’s unlikely helper. He was very good too. This movie also gets a Safety Alert, for violence, and language. The score is, B ~ NOTE WORTHY, see either in theaters or on DVD but see it. This one is not for kids, rated R.

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