Gone Girl** 2014

R. Pike, Amy and B. Affleck, Nick/image: screenrant.com
R. Pike, as Amy and B. Affleck, as Nick/image: screenrant.com

Wow, I just saw this movie and my mouth dropped open from beginning to end. Talk about a man being objectified by a woman. I can’t say too much about it or I will give it away. This is one of those reviews that will be very short. 

The Premise…

Nick Dunne, Ben Affleck, has a problem. His wife is gone and he’s accused of killing her. As he tries to clear his name, the evidence is piling up against him. He’s concerned for his wife and also about not going to jail for a murder he says he didn’t commit. His wife, Amy Dunne, Rosamund Pike, is the narrator of the story and the movie is told from her perspective at first. But as the story unfolds it is then switched to Nick’s perspective and narrated by him, which gave the film an interesting spin. 

Pike’s acting was exceptional here, a very unusual role for her. Affleck, also plays against type but not as much as Pike, which made it very fun to watch. It’s interesting when leading actor’s play against type it gives the audience more to look at and surprises you. Also, the co-starring roles were exceptional too. Nick’s twin sister Margo Dunne, Carrie Coon, played a very attentive sister, who cared a lot about her brother and wanted him cleared of the crime. Then Tanner Bolt, Tyler Perry, who almost seemed miscast at first was very entertaining playing the hotshot lawyer for Nick. His acting was surprisingly good, and gave the film a lighter tone, not funny but light-hearted, because this film was very dark otherwise. 

The Sum Up…

This film had a slow start but sped up quickly and became something unpredictable. With lot’s of twists and turns, and surprises, this thriller was very well written, directed, and acted. All the cast members were compelling and really conveyed the story well. With it’s very good dialog and directing style David Fincher kept the audience on edge as to what would happen next. I really like Fincher’s directing it’s usually top-notch and here was more of the same. The score is, A ~ THEATER WORTHY, see this in theaters it’s that good. With a SAFETY ALERT, for nudity, subject matter, and graphic scenes of violence, this movie is rated R.


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