Fury** 2014

B. Pitt as Wardaddy/image: moviedownloadsfree.com
B. Pitt as Wardaddy/image: moviedownloadsfree.com

Brad Pitthas become one of the actors I really look forward to seeing in movies these days. He’s matured into a middle-aged father figure type and nice guy. Almost every movie I’ve seen him in since World War Z, he’s played a tender, sweet, caring character and here he’s no different. Although a little more gruff, and scary in this one but still his humanity comes through as well as his fan wear, bare-chested fine chest muscles.

The Premise…

In World War II, Wardaddy, Pitt is the Army Sergeant of his 5 man tank team and they are an eclectic bunch. Having just lost one of their guys in a battle, they need a replacement for the team and Norman, Logan Lerman, is their new man. Since the team have been together in battle for three years, Norman’s initiated in since he’s the newbie, and part of his initiation is to clean out the remains of their fallen fifth man as he’s still in the tank.

M. Pena, L. Lerhman, B. Pitt, J. Bernthal, S. LeBeouf/image: hdmovietrailers.eu
M. Peña, L. Lerman, B. Pitt, J. Bernthal, S. LeBeouf/image: hdmovietrailers.eu

Their new mission is to ride ahead of the troops who are on foot and take out as many Nazi’s as possible. The problem, there are only 4 tanks and as they try to keep the Germans at bay, one by one the tanks are getting taken out. The other issue, the German’s have better stronger tanks and bringing the fight to the American’s. So as we get to know these 5 guys, Bible, Shia LaBeouf, Gordo, Michael Peña, and Coon-ass, Jon Bernthal, we also see the comradery of the group. 

Pitt’s acting is convincing here, actually all the acting is top-notch. Everyone in the film seemed on the verge of tears from Wardaddy to Norman. Bible, LaBeouf, had big crocodile tears in his eyes for most of the film. It was nice to see actor’s really give an intense performance as it was clear they took the subject matter seriously. David Ayer, director and writer of the film, did a great job of giving the story cohesiveness. This war movie was reminiscent of old war movies from the 50’s and 60’s about World War II.

 The Sum Up…

With the story focusing on the tight-knit group of 5 men, the film didn’t get side tracked and wasn’t confusing. It also gave the movie legs and even though some scenes were very graphic, it wasn’t over done. All seemed necessary to push the story along. It also was nice to see the characters evolve over time. With a SAFETY ALERT, for graphic scenes of violence, language, and subject matter this movie gets a B+ ~ NOTE WORTHY, see either in theaters or on DVD but see it. Not everyone is into war flicks so I can’t give it an A. This movie is rated R.

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