Black Mirror, Netflix Original

Black Mirror
T. Kebbell as Liam in The Entire History of You, series 1 episode 3/image:

Black Mirror a British TV series I stumbled upon on Netflix. Something I kept seeing pictured and finally decided to give a try, as I’ve also in the past enjoyed watching the actor Toby Kebbell pictured above. I also like the synopsis because it had the words sci-fi, and The Twilight Zone, in the description, two-word phrases that could make any TV watching experience more clever, and interesting. Also, in my opinion, since British acting, and writing is some of the very best, I thought, “yep this series could be worth my time.” And it was!!!

The Premise…

With its six episodes, three in 2011 and three in 2013, the show does have a Twilight Zone vibe to it, minus the narrator. The stories are futuristic and focus on social media and how it could affect us in our interaction with one another. It takes some clever liberties with what might be our lot in the future and shows us some cautionary scenarios that could be terrifying in a “what if,” kind of way, and shows how important it is to pause, and think about how far we could take this whole social media thing and how easily it could stunt our lives.

black mirror 3
Liam in Black Mirror/image:

For instance, in series 1 episode 3, The Entire History of You, we see how having a memory chip installed in our brain, can make it very difficult to get away with lying to each other. Especially since the chip allows you to download, rewind, fast forward, and re-watch your memories. Memories of what just happened a few moments before or a very long time ago, on a screen which pulls up in any square frame so anyone can view with you with your permission, or if looking at memories inside your head on your own, you don’t need a screen your eyes just go cloudy. The device is something a parent can have installed in the child as a baby and something you can only opt out of with surgery. Which can cause you to be treated like an outcast because you don’t have the chip, not to mention it’s a painful difficult surgery to remove.

The Sum Up…

With cleverly themed episodes, the series really had legs, using very familiar British faces, and great writing, and directing, you are kind of bummed when you’ve watched all the episodes, wanting to see more. The creator Charlie Booker has his stamp on each episode reminiscent of Rod Sterling, and shows us how easily this fast social media blitz can get out of hand. This show also has, a huge SAFETY ALERT warning, because as I’ve mentioned in other posts, British TV doesn’t have the same parental advisories as American TV, so their’s a lot of language, sexual content, and adult themes being exposed here! Which means, take heed parents when letting your children watch Netflix! I give this show a score of A for creative TV writing, acting, and directing, this show is not rated.

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