Becoming A Senior Isn’t A Great Feeling

Here's the proof of my discounts that I didn't use or need!!!
Here’s the proof of my discounts that I didn’t use or need!!!

So as of May 6, 2015 I officially joined the senior class, and can I say right now it was an uncomfortable feeling for sure! Talk about humble pie, I got mine yesterday, WOW!!! I took the woman I care give for to the casino which she loves, and since I don’t gamble I read a book and surfed the net on my phone while she played the slots for a while.

As I walked up to the rewards desk to get a player’s card (even though I don’t play) the only good thing which came out the experience, is the woman at the rewards desk informed me of my discount because she did the math on my ID. Well thank you very much for math, for goodness sake!!! I couldn’t believe how much that affected me. All I kept hearing echoing in my brain is, “Well I need to inform you, that you qualify for the senior discounts because you’re 50.” Wow, thanks senior discounts, for rubbing my 50 years in. What’s weird is I don’t really think it’s that bad being 50, but I’ve lived half my life and haven’t done a lot of things I want to do yet. So now I feel a little pressured to get that stuff done, which is travel, I need to travel. So this is what I’ll be working toward this side of 50. So that’s what’s really going on!!!!

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