Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes**

Caesar/image: moviepilot.com
Caesar/image: moviepilot.com

Talk about being conflicted about seeing this movie. I debated for about an hour before I left my home and then 15 minutes more after I got there. First I read some reviews on WP, by my favorite reviewers, than Rotten Tomatoes, and still couldn’t decide. I haven’t liked movies with computer generated images in the past unless it’s an all out computer generated movie. Well that’s all changed and they even made the Ape movie series enjoyable!!!Read More »

A Summer Flower Shout Out!

This year I have looked for very different flowers to take pictures of. I wanted to make sure I couldn’t name any of the one’s without looking them up on Google. But since I was able to name some, it did take me a little more time to find a lot of these.

Orange Cosmos was found today on my walk. It’s a lovely little flower and with a Bumble Bee laying in it. The sad thing about this particular flower, is, I think the Bee was dead. He wasn’t moving and all his Bee buddies were pollinating away as he just laid there on the bud.

Orange Cosmos Flower 2Read More »

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Original Cartoon/image: providencejournal.com

If you want to see a great kid’s movie this is the one. Why? Because, it stays true to the original show, which aired in the 50’s and 60’s.  I watched the reruns in the 70’s, and enjoyed the show immensely.

The premise, is about a super educated dog that adopts a boy he names Sherman.  As he raises the boy he teaches him all he knows about life.  Peabody then invents a machine that goes back into the past called, The Way Back, and takes Sherman in their spare time on adventures.

When Sherman starts school he runs into trouble with some kids and gets teased about being so smart.  One girl in particular, named Penny, ridicules Sherman, and when Sherman retaliates, Peabody and her parents have a meeting to iron things out.  While Peabody charms the parents, at his home, Sherman and Penny decide to take The Way Back for a spin, even though Peabody warns against this.  So the story continues from there.

This premise works well, as it teaches kids some history, and makes it fun.  All the voice actors are exceptional, with Ty Burell, Modern Family, at the helm,  and perfectly cast, captures the voice of Peabody with little effort.  The voices of Sherman, Max Charles, and Penny, Ariel Winter, gave the movie super cuteness, and the animation was right on.  Fast pace storytelling moved things along, so the movie never gets bogged down.

I must digress here and mention marketing strategy for this film, I think it was very cleverly demographed for grandparents to take the grandkids.  The reason; because most parents would not know about Peabody and Sherman, as children, but grandparents would.  So well done on that too.

peabody and sherman image wall paper
Mr.Peabody&Sherman, the movie/image: image wallpaper.com

The sum up: This movie gets an A; theater worthy, see it in the theater, it’s that good; for keeping to the original story; the extreme puns Peabody makes, and kid friendliness.  I recommend this one for anyone 4 years and up.  This movie is rated PG, for a few adult jokes. ~ Musings&Rants

Chi Chi The Cat vs. The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbird, this is the male. The female won't come back.
The Hummingbird, this is the male. The female won’t come back.

I’m not sure, but I thought hummingbirds migrate to the south in the winter?  Well to answer my own question, I just read the only non-migrant hummingbird is this one, the Anna’s Hummingbird.  But, having said that when they have a continual nectar source I guess it would be hard to leave.  Which brings me to Chi Chi the cat, who’s constantly hunting for birds and vermin outside of her home.  She decided today on a wet and rainy day, that she would risk getting wet to catch a hummingbird.

Hummingbird Feeder/photo: Shazza
The enticement, the infamous feeder.

It was a beautiful picturesque scene til suddenly out of nowhere, Chi Chi the cat, jumps up and snatched one of the hummingbirds from a branch it was resting on, it was creepy, I could still see the branch shaking from the blunt trama attack.  The crazy part was, neither the bird, nor I ever saw it coming.  Jeez, cat’s are ruthless little hunters.  It was like a horror film, where a quiet peaceful scene is broken by a cheesy jump scare.

It was a female bird victim, who was already having a hard go of it, just dealing with the male swooping down on her, every time she attempted to get a drink. Then as she was resting intermittently, she was suddenly ambushed and gone.  This was a very desperate little scene, and I couldn’t help the little bird, other than by running to the window, and looking down where Chi Chi was sitting in wait.

Chi Chi the cat
Chi Chi the cat, in hunting camouflage. 

Chi Chi managed to grab it but she couldn’t hold on to it and the bird managed to get away with her life. From my viewpoint, all I could see was Chi Chi’s big green eyes, looking frustrated that she had missed the bird, thank goodness.  Hummingbirds have a hard time as it is being so small and sassy, and then with crazy attack cat’s they haven’t got a chance.

That poor little bird was not having a good day, but she made it one more day, today, thanks to Chi Chi’s slow reflexes.  Although, next time, it might be Chi Chi 1, hummingbird 0.  Nature is so disheartening, even in the backyard of the suburbs.  I mean my goodness, this isn’t the outback, this is just Sacramento, for goodness sake.  However, It was nice to see a herd of wild deer prancing by when I was driving someone home today, that’s not something I see everyday.  And, it does remind me occasionally of the planes of africa, on a very, very, small-scale. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants


Movie Poster/photo: whaleman.org
Movie Poster/photo: whaleman.org

This movie Blackfish, is a documentary about Orca’s, living at Sea World, and how animal cruelty is at its highest form.  Not to mention, the human cruelty being done by the company to its trainers. This is figuratively, the last known sweat shop in America, that hasn’t been investigated and exposed yet, but I believe they are about to get their comeuppance.  The saddest part of all of this is, that Sea World makes 2 billion dollars a year on this Shamu show, which is blood money.  With all the dead Orca trainers, and Orca’s names on the bills.

However, with the verve of this new documentary, it could be a first step toward holding  Sea World accountable for its actions, and lies it tells the public, and its trainers about Orca’s.  Basically, these stockholders are the spin pirates, of the 21st century, and have to be called to the carpet for their actions, and greed at the expense of others.

The story is about Tilikum, who is an aggressive Orca bull, and made to be part of the Sea World show and breeding program.  Tilikum was bought by Sea World after killing a woman trainer at Sealand of the Pacific, a dilapidated marine park in Canada, that was closing its doors.  After Sea World brought the animal to its park, they didn’t inform the trainers that he was dangerous and to be cautious.  How cruel is that?   Not inform the trainers of the history of the wild animal they are expected to get in the water with and so-called, train.  And on one particular occasion, recently,Tilikum attacked again, and killed the head trainer, with 18 years experience with Sea World as her employer.   Which is more than ironic since Sea World, is also breeding him to make more aggressive Orca’s??? The film, exposes the lack of knowledge, and training the trainers have, and how little they really know about Orca’s in general.  These people are not marine biologists who work with these animals.  Also, the insensitivity of these stockholders to make a buck at any cost.   Greed has an ugly face!!!  

In just reading the last sentence, I’m reminded, of how the animals are treated in the circus, and sometimes go ballistic.  Or Siegfried & Roy a Las Vegas show, that worked with lions, when a lion ends up maiming Roy the trainer, and almost kills him.  So Sea World is like a circus in the water, literally, and with no accountability, or very little so far.  These kinds of shows can anesthetize the viewer, with all the color, music, excitement, and the huge beautiful animals, and pull you in emotionally.  Not allowing you to think rationally about exactly what you’re seeing. Then, you want to do that stuff you’re seeing, next thing you know, you want to be a trainer, and bring awareness about these animals to the public. Or so you tell yourself.  Which is why if you’re not wanting to train, you want to keep going back, to be anesthetized again.

The wonderful thing about this little documentary is, that it shows, how complicit the former trainer’s were, to how they have conceded that what they did was wrong, and cruel, but then being in a quandary over what to do about it.  After becoming attached to the unfortunate animals, they so willingly exploited.  I love watching people come to a new decision, a better decision, one that has selfless elements to it.  A decision that see’s the bigger picture. This film show us that, and gets an A, but since it’s not in theaters it still gets an A for, see it on DVD it’s that good!!!  Also, it’s not like the Cove which is extremely bloody, this one has some blood but not as disturbing.

Director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite/photo: contactmusic.com
Director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite/photo: contactmusic.com

What’s also note worthy, is the director of the movie Gabriela Cowperthwaite, who was just a Sea World going mom, who got upset after hearing about the death of the trainer in 2010.  Started asking questions, and became an activist!!!   How, BRILLIANT is that??? ***Safety Alert*** for some blood, and violence and disturbing video sequences. This movie is rated PG13. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected Horse Head


Yesterday was compelling, because I didn’t expect to see anything noteworthy or interesting, as I walked into the doctors lobby with Mormor.   However, I stood by this wonderful looking sculpture in the middle of the lobby.   I thought wow, isn’t this nice, so I popped out my phone and took a few pics.   As I was taking the pics, one of the doctors walked out of his office and said, “you like that thing?”   and I said, “I love it.” he said he hated it as he continued walking past me.   To each his own as they say…

wood horse sculpture crop wood hourse sclupture 2 crop wood horse 3Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Hanoverian Horse Confirmation

Little Susy's horse.
Little Susy’s 1st place horse.

I went to my first horse confirmation, these horses were beautiful.  It was kinda of like going to a dog show but more casual, dusty and buggy.  These horses are bred for equestrian riding.   What was fun is, I know the owner of the ranch sponsoring the confirmation, as well as some of it’s first place winners.  Which made it more exciting.

Here is one of the horses that won a first place ribbon for excellent breeding.   This also, happens to be the ranch owner’s daughter’s beautiful specimen.

I learned about how important this kind of horse breeding is, and they showed so many steps to the breeding process, from showing horses, then, horses and their babies.   Too, how they handle on an equestrian course, as well as, branding, and, collect sperm samples, to make more horses.   I didn’t stay for that sample section of the confirmation, or the branding section, I saved that for the horse connoisseurs.

The chestnut philly being sold.
The chestnut philly being sold.

Here is a pic of a baby who was 4 months old and as cute as ever, she kept sniffing me.   She also, was being sold to an 18 year old girl who just graduated from school and was going off to college.   I was so excited for her and her new baby philly.   This is also a very lucrative business and the mom of the girl buying the baby said, she couldn’t afford an adult, but could afford a baby.  I think the baby horse will be much more fun, to raise up and maybe breed one day.

Stamp on my hand of the Hanoverian brand.

It was a bit overwhelming, all the things to learn, but I think did pretty well, taking it all in.   Here’s a pic of the Hanoverian brand on my hand.   This is just a stamp but they brand this mark on the baby horses, after they are confirmed.   How sad and painful that must be, which is why I didn’t stay for that aspect of the show.  Ok well there you have it, inside a horse confirmation. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting cat


Here’s some pics of the house cat, Manina, a boy cat with a girly name, at the house I was sitting.  He loves to lick, and sleep since we are having a heat wave. These are fleeting moments because as soon as I stopped petting him he left. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants



Effie Yeaw Nature Walk 7/2012

I took off a few days, but I’m back. Lani and I went on a beautiful nature walk, we walked all the way to the river, and didn’t even know it was there lol. That was a nice treat. I took my shoes and socks off and got my feet wet. We kept running into deer fawns, literally, they were everywhere and very blithe about us being there.

Lani took this picture at the Effie Yeaw Nature Walk, these deer were very close.

We met a nice family at the river and Lani shared the gospel with them, it was lovely to see and hear her do this, and what a great testimony to me. I sweated like a banshee (not that I know if they sweat), and we had a nice breeze sat on a bench had a snack and saw tons of deer everywhere I really recommend this park next time you are in northern, ca. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants, first wrote july 2012. http://www.sacnaturecenter.net/

Colossians 4:3 ~ At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ, on account of which I am in prison. (ESV)

The family Lani shared the gospel with.