A Book Review: “Outliers” By Malcolm Gladwell

The Outliers
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Outliers, non-fiction, published in 2008, with great insight on how we as humans learn and become successful. It’s not about how to gain success, but explores how much success is about timing, and who you know. It has a timeless relevance because of how it lays out its idea as it debunks popular cliche’s and theories and focuses on how success really happens. It is a cohesive book even though each chapter is very different from the last, as it doesn’t flow like one might be used to when reading a book. Which is why this book is such an interesting read, as it jumps around and then travels back to points it was making earlier in the text.

It looks deeply at the causes and effects of how one is raised, and what the parents did to encourage the success with basically one decisive parental decision. As it also looks at others with similar backgrounds but didn’t have the same success or any success at all. Finally, this book get’s my vote for a tenacious and fascinating read about the complexities of the human experience and just how subjective success really is!!!

Put Down That Mouse and Pick Up That Book!!!

My first New Year's resolution book/image; rainbowresource.com
My first New Year’s resolution book/image: rainbowresource.com

I was listening to a sermon the other day, and the pastor said, My father was an avid book reader and always had something interesting to talk about to his children and grand children,” and I decided this is something I should start doing with no looking back. I want to have something interesting to talk to my future grand children about, and the only way to make this happen is to do more reading. Why? Because non readers, only tell the same stories over an over again, and drive their relatives crazy repeating, washed up, boring repetitive stories, they forget they already told you because of their dementia. So, if I open my mind I will have something new to say in my old age. Since I caregive for someone who doesn’t read and should have read when they were younger, I now see why reading is truly important.

Also, because I’m turning 50 years old in a little over a week, I need to get started, being from the era of the television and not being encouraged to read more as a youth. Which I regret, but I’m going to change all that now and by golly, I’ve started already. So the first book I started reading last year that I’ve just picked up again to finish is, Hinds’ Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard, this book is an allegory. I will probably review it as well but not sure if I will on my blog yet, I haven’t decided. I’m also simultaneously reading a daily devotional by my old pastor, John MacArthur, called, Daily Readings from the Life of Christ, volume 2.

Simultaneous reading/image: amazon.com
Simultaneous reading./image: amazon.com

This is a heavy undertaking but I’m going to do it. For my future grand kids sanity.