WPC: McDonald’s Wallpaper & Floating Roses

McDonald's wallpaper.
McDonald’s wallpaper.

Trying to take pics of depth conjures up many things in my mind, and from the examples of other blogs I’ve really got nothing substantial here to work with. Although, it’s the trying I guess that counts, at least that’s what I’m telling myself right now…

Thai restaurant floating roses.
Thai restaurant floating roses.

WPC: A Summer Sky and A Tree Converge

I took this pic with my camera phone in late August, 2014, it was about 100° F,  when Crepe Myrtle Trees are in full bloom all around Northern CA. The sky was so picturesque and I just love the colors that I tweaked on picmonkey. Anyway, this is my rendition of Converge.

Crepe Myrtle Tree

Where Are Your Parents, Honey?

Second-Hand StoriesWhat’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all.

One day while at a previous job, a really funny co-worker told us a story about the kids coming to her door at Halloween. She told us how one group was really in performance mode and explained how priceless and clever the gag was.

Jessie from Toy Story/image: tumblingwestblogspot.com
Jessie from Toy Story/image: tumblingwestblogspot.com

She hears a knock and someone say “trick or treat.” Answering the door she see’s a little girl standing there who looks about 3 or 4 years old and is a cow girl like Woody’s girlfriend Jessie from Toy Story. So right away Ann the co-worker get’s upset because she doesn’t see the little girl’s parents. So she asks cowgirl, “Where is your mommy or daddy honey?” Cowgirl, is standing with a rope around her waist being pulled slightly, and says, “They’re not here, because I had to get my cattle because they ran away.” So, Ann asks, “What cattle, hon…?”

And as Ann looked down the lawn at the other end of the rope, she saw two parents roped around the waist together, waving at her in their cow costumes. So she laughed hysterically and gave them all her candy in the bowl!!! Also she took pictures but I don’t have those. This was before the days of camera phones.

Picky About Customer Service

99 cent store/image: canyon-news.com
99 cent store/image: canyon-news.com

Upturned Noses ~ Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?

When I’m standing in a long line at the check out stand, for instance at a 99cent store and there are only 2 cash registers open, I get annoyed because of all the places that you shouldn’t have to wait this is one of them. Why? Because I’m buying things for $1, and it’s not rocket science to add up $1 purchases.  Also, when this store is making a killing on the things they sell, I think to myself, “they can’t afford to hire a few more people to work the rush hour times, for the customer’s convenience? The other day I was waiting in line and it wrapped around and down an isle so I politely put the sunglasses I wanted to buy back and left the store. There were about 10 people in front of me and five behind, and as far as I’m concerned that was 10 too many waiting for one cashier. So when I left I saw 2 cashier’s out on breaks smoking cigarettes, I thought this is bad management and they won’t get my dollars today!!!

Practicing The Past, To Get To The Future

Sky/Image: en.wikipedia.org
Sky/Image: en.wikipedia.org

One Way Street ~ Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

I definitely would have to pick the future, because I was pretty stupid in my youth. And the prompt didn’t say you will be able to keep what you’ve learned up til now. So for me, the future is my choice. The Bible states that,Read More »

My Ms. Know It All!

Ladybug at a weddingDelayed Contact ~ How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?

The person would be my daughter, and she would probably get on my nerves because my daughter is a Ms. Know It All. When she was younger and in elementary school, she had answers for everything, since she grew up right in the age of computers and the internet, she would look it up and answer any, “I wonder why” question, I or someone she and I were with ever had. And her running answer to most of these questions was I saw it on myth busters. What I mean to say is, when I would ask her about her sources for answering the question she would say I saw it on myth busters and as she got older it just got worse.Read More »

I Don’t Really Watch TV

Cast Change ~ You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role?

Hmm, some of the these suggestions leave me confused, and uninspired and this is one of them. I would have loved to have written something but when you don’t watch TV and have a small family, it makes it hard. Or when you do watch TV it’s a dance show and the cast member’s change every week. So unfortunately for me I got nothing on this prompt today, I guess I have to come up with my own topic. 😦

Okay, My Phone Does What Again?


My Android model.
My Android model.

Second Opinion: What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

This prompt made it incredibly easy to come up with a subject. When I think about electronics and what I want mine to do I call on a great expert who is a master at figuring out what specs I need. My daughter should get paid to help people with this when it comes to a phone or computer.

She is good at looking at cost, and what the device does, as well as how well I can maneuver it. She thinks about if I need certain things because I’m not the most electronic savvy, but mainly since she knows me, so she implores me not to make a purchase without her guidance because usually I don’t do so well when I go rogue on her and try to be cute and independent. She warns against this all the time and my latest rogue act got me into trouble and I ended up buying 2 smartphones because the first wasn’t advanced enough for me and because I used it for a month, I didn’t take it back for a refund. I gave it to her for a friend because they didn’t have the money for one. Her exact words were, “Mom, I told you, not to make any purchases until you check with me ok?” And now I really try to listen because, money doesn’t grow on trees (I love this cliche).

white ladybug sign

Happening Now

Writer’s Block Party: When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

It’s funny this is the topic question because, I’m having writer’s block now and can I just say it isn’t a party. I’ve had it since the beginning of the year and without these prompts I think my blog would just turn into a movie review blog. I think my problem stems from, my daughter getting married last year. So yes I will blame it on her. Since she doesn’t need my help and she is with her husband, and I my writing material has just dried up.

The great thing that is happening in a few weeks is, I’m going on vacation to Southern CA. My hometown, to visit old friends and see the sights from my childhood. Which should help me get back on track. I’m going to be taking an enormous amount of pics so my material should be fresh. I may even go see a movie at the landmark theater in Hollywood, The Chinese Theater, to take pics and remind myself of how fun it was to go there as a kid back in the day. Maybe I will also see the Hollywood sign and visit the Observatory on the hill. I’m excited and I hope to have more to write about soon.