Hmm, Not Sure About Bestie’s?

On Bees and Efs: Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).

If I did have a Bestie she would be it!!! I've known her since we were kids her 6 and me 7, so 43 years!!! (not the kitty).
If I did have a Bestie she would be it, Marie!!! I’ve known her since we were kids she 6 and I 7, so about 43 years!!! (not the kitty). 🙂

Now this is a good prompt question, this has a lot of bite to it. There’s no such thing as a Best Friend, maybe a friend for years, but not sure I can consider that necessarily a best friend. It’s kind of like having an Arch Enemy, does that really exist?  I know as children we think we have best friends but that changes because a lot of these people can become disloyal, or untrustworthy overtime. People don’t stand the test of time because I think it’s almost impossible. I know of only a few exceptions to this but generally in my opinion this doesn’t happen.Read More »

Chi Chi The Cat vs. The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbird, this is the male. The female won't come back.
The Hummingbird, this is the male. The female won’t come back.

I’m not sure, but I thought hummingbirds migrate to the south in the winter?  Well to answer my own question, I just read the only non-migrant hummingbird is this one, the Anna’s Hummingbird.  But, having said that when they have a continual nectar source I guess it would be hard to leave.  Which brings me to Chi Chi the cat, who’s constantly hunting for birds and vermin outside of her home.  She decided today on a wet and rainy day, that she would risk getting wet to catch a hummingbird.

Hummingbird Feeder/photo: Shazza
The enticement, the infamous feeder.

It was a beautiful picturesque scene til suddenly out of nowhere, Chi Chi the cat, jumps up and snatched one of the hummingbirds from a branch it was resting on, it was creepy, I could still see the branch shaking from the blunt trama attack.  The crazy part was, neither the bird, nor I ever saw it coming.  Jeez, cat’s are ruthless little hunters.  It was like a horror film, where a quiet peaceful scene is broken by a cheesy jump scare.

It was a female bird victim, who was already having a hard go of it, just dealing with the male swooping down on her, every time she attempted to get a drink. Then as she was resting intermittently, she was suddenly ambushed and gone.  This was a very desperate little scene, and I couldn’t help the little bird, other than by running to the window, and looking down where Chi Chi was sitting in wait.

Chi Chi the cat
Chi Chi the cat, in hunting camouflage. 

Chi Chi managed to grab it but she couldn’t hold on to it and the bird managed to get away with her life. From my viewpoint, all I could see was Chi Chi’s big green eyes, looking frustrated that she had missed the bird, thank goodness.  Hummingbirds have a hard time as it is being so small and sassy, and then with crazy attack cat’s they haven’t got a chance.

That poor little bird was not having a good day, but she made it one more day, today, thanks to Chi Chi’s slow reflexes.  Although, next time, it might be Chi Chi 1, hummingbird 0.  Nature is so disheartening, even in the backyard of the suburbs.  I mean my goodness, this isn’t the outback, this is just Sacramento, for goodness sake.  However, It was nice to see a herd of wild deer prancing by when I was driving someone home today, that’s not something I see everyday.  And, it does remind me occasionally of the planes of africa, on a very, very, small-scale. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside The Mind Of PK The Dog


PK barking and growling.
PK barking and growling.

I go downstairs to see what all the commotion is about, I hear PK growling, and barking at something.   When I look out the door, I see her looking agitated and hopping around something on the mat just outside the doorway.    It looks like a caterpillar, and it’s a big brown thing moving around.   So I call Mormor over to check it out, she’s not scared of anything like that.

Getting bold with it.
Getting bold with it.

When she comes over she pulls the mat and then the thing starts really moving around and I take off running.    As PK continues to bark at it, I come back and PK looks at me worried, and Mormor goes back to rinsing her birds cage, and giving them a bath.    I decide to sit down on the floor and look at the bug that looks like a stick or a piece of old cat poop, I’m taking a closer look, as I get closer, PK gets bold and starts trying to bite it, but is too afraid.

Sticky the caterpillar.
Sticky the caterpillar.

Then Mormor chimes in with, “no PK leave it alone”, but PK just can’t.    So Mormor picks it up, (with her bear hand by the way), and walks it over to the grass.    PK, then goes back in the house and plays with her stuffed mouse, and I am mortified that Mormor picked it up, GROSS.    So my obvious assessment is, that PK and I aren’t naturalists like Mormor. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kitty Foreshadowing

In a post created specifically for this challenge, post a photograph that evokes FORESHADOW to you.

Only one pic for foreshadowing today, my friend Marie and her kitty Ponch, will she make it up Marie’s leg or fall to the depths of wood flooring? Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Ouch, look at those nails!!!
Ouch, look at those nails!!!/photo:Marie Moore

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

~There are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss.~

Ariyana and Chizzy

Here is Ari and, John, they are friends of mine, they are also siblings. John is 5 and Ari is 4, they were getting kissed by Chizzy, my roommate’s dog, she is their auntie and was babysitting today. Chizzy, loves to kiss. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants


A very dark hour

Rasta at 2 months

So this story is about my daughter’s dog. His name was Rastafa. He was a cute little puppy. We called him puppa. Anyway, I gave my daughter the dog for her 16th birthday. At the time we lived in Las Vegas an she kept asking me for a dog. So on her birthday I decided to get one for her.

He was a very cute dog he was a mutt but they say those are the best dogs. He was half lhasa apso half terrier. Well we got him from a friend of mine at work. I paid a pretty good penny for him too. He was so cute too as a puppy. So my daughter gets him for her birthday and she loves him. Their birthdays were 2 days apart which made it all the more special for her. So since she was going through a Jamaican phase at the time she decided to name him Rastafa lol. I thought it was interesting and would be hard to remember and how many people would mistakenly call him Mufasa, the father from The Lion King movie lol?

Rastafa 6 months

So now she and her puppa are one. Well it’s a love story to say the least, she trained him and bathed him and cut his hair. She walked him and everything, and without me asking most of time. It was the perfect age to get her a dog. She was ready for the responsibility. What was also nice is since the wonderful internet has come along she looked up anything that was just not right with him. So, she had a deluge of too much information at her disposal. He was really easy to train to. His most favorite thing in the whole world was beef jerky and chicken. Oh and his shredded rope.

Well, the darkest moments are coming now. We had him for about a year when my auntie has a stroke. This was a really bad time and scary time in our family. Well, Lani didn’t like living in vegas and had asked my aunt a year before if she could come and live with her, before we got Rasta of course, Rasta is short for Rastafa. Well, my aunt never gave her an answer until she had the stroke. Then my aunt ask Lani to come right away. I was so distraught that I just said yes and Lani left a month after her 17th birthday. She went because she could help my aunt with things since my aunt had a really bad speech problem called Aphasia after the stroke. So off my daughter went to help out her auntie. Well guess who got left behind in the aftermath? You guest it Rastafa. So Lani went back to LA and Rasta stayed with me, in Vegas. However, Rasta wasn’t my dog and I was moving to another apartment in Vegas and he couldn’t come so, we had to then find him a new home because, where Lani had moved no pets there either ugh!!

So we called my grandpa’s wife Karen. He had since passed but she was an advocate for dogs so she stepped right in to help us. So I got in my car and drove Rasta to Lani because Karen also lived in LA. So for 3 or 4 weeks Lani and my auntie had to smuggle Rasta at her house til Karen could find a home from him. When we got the news that she found a place, I drove back out to LA to say goodbye to him and take him with my daughter to his new home. At, this point me and Lani were distraught. It was a really awful thing to have to give him up. Man that was hard. When I got to LA to take him to the new home he saw me and jumped on me and kissed me for 15 minutes. It made me cry. He missed me. So we said our goodbyes to him and got in the car and took him to his new home. The funny thing about it all was my auntie who didn’t really care for dogs loved him in that 3 weeks and let him sleep on her bed and everything. I couldn’t believe it. So when we took him and went to the new home she was just as sad as we were.

Well we picked up Karen, and we all went over to his new home in Santa Clarita. My Lani lived in Arcadia at the time and Santa Clarita was about 40 miles away from her. She felt a little better about that because we used to live in Santa Clarita so she new the area really well. When we got to his new place we were so happy for him because the couple that took him in had another dog that he could play with and he was moving up in the world to a big back yard and a lovely home. So although it was a dark day we were still happy for him. We miss him so much it still gets me all teary eyed thinking about it and him. So we met his new family and they of course loved him. We were kind of hoping they wouldn’t like him so she could keep him for a little longer lol, but that didn’t happen because he needed not be at my aunt’s house. They took him with no problem and we were happy and sad. In all it was a great teaching tool for my Lani and me but we never want to have to go through that turmoil ever again in life. To Rasta we miss you so much puppa but we know your happy. Much love to you all Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

The day he went to his new home.