Wow, Roger Federer Is Out! Slone and Serena Still In!

Roger defeted at Wimbledon/
Roger defeted at Wimbledon/

Are you kidding me?   Federer ousted out of Wimbledon after only the 2nd round!   That’s kinda mind boggling, and by Sergie Stakhovsky who’s seeded 116th and never beaten a top ten player in a major before now.    Oh and not just top ten but world number 1!

Sergie Strakhovsky/
Sergie Stakhovsky/

Federer, hasn’t blundered like this since 2003, and that was right before his world domination run.   Also, Nadal is out after the first round!   As well as Sharapova on the women’s side.   So, what’s really going on?

I’m really concerned by how Serena will fare here, now that all her heavy challengers have basically been eliminated on the women’s side.

Also, maybe this will finally be Andy Murray’s year, since almost all the heavy hitters are gone, on the men’s side.   I think that will be nice for him since Wimbledon has always eluded him, and he’s a brit.

Slone Stephens
Slone Stephens/

I’m happy that Slone Stephens made it through, I’d love to see an all American final with she and Serena!

That would be an exciting match, especially if Slone gives Serena a fight.   But now I’m getting ahead of the competition, I’m still dazed by the beat down Federer received today.

Serena Williams/
Serena Williams/

I was really rooting for Roger since he’s made the quarter finals, 36 times consecutively in all his majors.   However, the day does always come for the dominators, when domination is no longer viable, because of age or injury or both.  It will be interesting to see how this all finally plays out. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Finally, breakthrough for Andy Murray, and grand slam status!!! Cheers, Andy!!!

Andy Murray US Open 2012
Murray wins his first grand slam, what an exciting event. So many surprises at this years Open I really enjoyed it thoroughly. The score when it was all said and done was 7-6, 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2. I was a little concerned when Murray, it seemed was losing concentration. But he seemed to regain his composer back to win the event. I’m also not really a fan of Djokovic at all but he is a good player. I guess I don’t like his media personality and the fact that he bounces the ball 1200 times before he serves it. But I digressed, back to Andy Murray, he has had a lot of pressure to win a championship because although the Brits invented tennis, they haven’t been able to win a grand slam since the 1930’s. I mean my goodness, what is that almost 80 years? Now that is an extremely long time, not to have had a champion they could call the golden one till now. And how paradoxical, and then again maybe not, to win his first slam not on his home soil. The pressure was definitely off and there was probably air to breath. Although he already won Olympic gold this year against Rodger Federer no less and in his home country, which was a good preamble to this event. Also, there was a kind of similitude in both Serena and Andy’s matches which was pretty exciting as well. Good on you as the Brits say Andy Murray, and all the best. (Photo by:Rob Loud/USTA)

Azeranka trying to deny Serena her greatness!!!

Azarenka US Open 2012

On the flip side we have, Victoria Azeranka, I have a lot of respect for this kid as she unlike Serena commences a beautiful tennis career. She’s very young but has a great fighting spirit. She was amazing last night battling to beat Serena. I think next year she will take the US open from whoever her opponent is. She played very maturely, she almost beat the greatest tennis player who ever played the game (per John McEnroe) last night. She will be unstoppable next year I’m sure. Hat’s off to you Victoria and we shall see what you can do next year. Having already won the Australian open in 2012. You’re on your way. (Photo by: Philip Hall/USTA)

One more time again, with feeling, shall we?

As Serena culminates a beautiful career, having just won Wimbledon, the Olympics singles and doubles with her sister and now here we are again, Serena has won the US Open. She has won 4 coveted US open grand slams and 15 titles all together. It was an amazing win because she came back from 1 set down to win it. Serena pulverized Azeranka in the first set but by the second set Serena got tight and flatfooted, and Azeranka ameliorated her game. However, she woke up and started playing like the Serena we love and by the end of the 3rd set, yes you read that right by the end of the 3rd and final set she got her game back. I chalk all that up to her poise and determination as well as her seasoned game.

She has done this before and she fights for the win when she gets to the final. It’s never as easy to win the final as the games leading up to the final, because of the battle of mind over matter, mostly. I loved that it was a 3 set match. It made it so exciting not only that but she made history because no one has come back from this lead the opponent had ever before in the history of the US open.

This is why she’s brilliant, because she had her impervious game face on, no lines person or court side umpire was going to desecrate her concentration or game this year and so she served her heart out when she was down 3 to 5 and then won it on Azeranka’s service game. At this point I must say something about the psychology of Tennis, this game is all mental it’s a fight with yourself out there, I mean that you can really psych yourself out to win or lose this game, it’s a battle of your own will to win or lose. Not to mention, having to beat the other player, I think the people that pick this game to make money, earn every single penny!!! Oh yes lets not forget to mention, all the critics and alleged experts who can make snide or less then complementary remarks about you and your game anytime they are displeased with you.

When the cloud of smoke cleared from the battle that just ensued, the score was, 6-2, 2-6, 7-5, Serena Williams. This was so  amazingly brilliant. I’m so glad I got to witness such brilliance. It strikes me that her game and Andy Murray’s game were similar in how they played out. I only wish I got to see it live and in person. No matter I saw it live and that was the important thing. Well done Serena, well done. Your an awesome player and its been a pleasure watching you play. It’s all about the history making now Serena, and baby, your making history!!! (Photo by: Philip Hall/USTA)

Serena the DOMINATOR!!!!

Serena Us Open 2012

Serena Williams is doing it again, she is truly amazing!!! 30 years old and so much poise and determination to win. It’s lovely to see this woman doing her thing. I certainly hope she wins the whole thing. That will mean she will have won, Wimbledon, the Olympics, and the Us Open all in the same year 2012. It’s interesting to see a player dominate it’s shows some much dedication and focus. In the men’s game we have Roger Federer and on the women’s side we have Serena dominating things. Serena has had more ups and downs then Roger but I think they have made her the player she is today. She seems so centered, because I’m sure its not about the money anymore its about the history making I think and she will be a hall of famer I’m sure! This is an amazing feat. Go Serena go, is all can say right now, oh and also the word WOW!!!!

Andy Roddick, saying goodbye to tennis

Andy Roddick

What a cryin shame Andy Roddick is leaving the game post 2012 US Open. He was such a good competitor and great for the game. Always at the precipice of a grand slam only winning one Us Open in his tennis career in 2003. His nemesis Roger Federer not making it any easier for him to win titles, but also the fact that his game was too one dementional relying on his serve too much. He leaves while he’s pretty much still able to play but I’m glad he leaves in good health and not too much body damage, to start a new chapter of his life. I think its good to leave while your in the top 20. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Blessings Andy, and thanks for all the hard work and great spine tingeling matches. All the best.