Redwood Highway, 2013**

S. Knight/image:
S. Knight/image:

The Premise…

The movie starts out with Marie Vaughn, Shirley Knight a woman in her late 70’s walking, she looks like she’s getting exercise at first, then later you see her walking into a retirement home and you realize she’s unhappy there. Then it looks more like she’s getting in shape for something. The next time you see her, she’s visited by her son, Michael, James Le Gros, letting him know she is extremely unhappy in her current situation and she feels he’s responsible for it. As he gives her the news that her grand-daughter is getting married, she decides after he leaves to go to her grand-daughter’s wedding on her own to tell her grand daughter to be careful with this guy. So we go with her as she embarks on sneaking out of the retirement home, and walks 80 miles to the coast of Oregon, for her grand daughter’s wedding.Read More »

Taking It Old School, A Lesson Learned

Old school phone.
Old school phone.

Yesterday, I left my cell phone home, in a rush to leave and continue my day off. Since I was meeting my daughter across the street from her school, and her school is about 20 miles away, my idea was to spend as much time with her as possible before my day off was over at 6 pm. So hear is what I told her on the phone before leaving the house,”I will meet you at Chipotle, but I’ll call you when I get there.” And the last part of my sentence was my second mistake. Well, the call didn’t happen but I was there when I said I would be.Read More »

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected Horse Head


Yesterday was compelling, because I didn’t expect to see anything noteworthy or interesting, as I walked into the doctors lobby with Mormor.   However, I stood by this wonderful looking sculpture in the middle of the lobby.   I thought wow, isn’t this nice, so I popped out my phone and took a few pics.   As I was taking the pics, one of the doctors walked out of his office and said, “you like that thing?”   and I said, “I love it.” he said he hated it as he continued walking past me.   To each his own as they say…

wood horse sculpture crop wood hourse sclupture 2 crop wood horse 3Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Golden is…golden!


Golden Henning at her front door, Living Magazine interviewed her.

So, I just started doing my new caregiver job for a 93-year-old woman who takes less meds than me. Her name is Golden and WOW, is all I can say, her mind is super sharp, she hears very well but is just a bit wobbly on her feet since her mini stroke. She’s awesome! She’s been an actress, has 2 children and 9 grand kids and 17 great grand kids. She lives in a lovely home and is super fun to hang out with. I’m so glad to be helping her, she has superstar status wherever she goes people always know her. Hat’s off to you Golden!!! Shazza ~ Musings&Rantsimagejpeg_2

Ladybug Life Lessons (update)

Happy Lani 18 years oldWell, Lani (Ladybug) decided to stay with it and pick another trade. She picked security even though she said, “I really don’t see that as my future.” I reminded her that something else can come of it, even if she picks this field of training, and who knows maybe she will like it. I, however, understand her unenthusiastic attitude, she was also told, when she finishes this trade she can take the one she desires, so she said “okay.”

So, I’m happy to say we have a happy ending here, and I’m sure God will bless her being flexible about this glitch. I’m so pleased that she decided to submit to her Lord and handle her disappointment graciously. I’m encouraged, and convicted, by her example. Thanks Ladybug, for showing great maturity in Christ. May I one day be this mature, when things don’t go my way! Psalm 150:6 ~ Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Shazza ~ Musings&Rants.

Letting my Ladybug fly

lani and shaina
Lani with her big hair

So my daughter’s nickname is Ladybug and recently she left home to live kind of on her own. Since she’s almost 22 and wanted her independence, but she couldn’t afford her own place, she decided to go to Job Corps. Since the economy is so bad, and I, not wanting her to go into the service, she decided this would be the best plan B. So she did her research and made an appointment to see a counselor and decided to go. She can learn a trade and earn a little money. She started college but didn’t want to finish college now because she didn’t want any loans, so she thought this would placate me and she would be happy with her decision. But, can I just say at this juncture this didn’t appease me at all, but what can I do, as a parent of a young adult??? One reason, is because she has to live on campus, and, she has a curfew, then, I can only see her on the weekends. Well, that last part isn’t exactly true, she can leave during the week with a pass. However, since this is all voluntary she could leave the program at anytime and it’s in Sacramento where we live, so I decided to get on board. I said, “this is an okay decision, go for it Ladybug.” (Not that she necessarily would have to do what I say.) But she’s a young adult that wants to respect her mom’s wishes. And that is a beautiful thing.

Since she left 2 weeks ago I miss her, she is such a great encouragement to me. But the key word in the last sentence is (me) and that’s it. She needs to do what she wants to do, and of course I should be an encouragement to her. So,as she flew the nest and she loves it, the only other thing I’m concerned about is she decided to take carpentry. Really? I don’t know any women carpenters, but oh well. So she explained, since they didn’t offer art in the program this was the next best available trade where she can make things. So God bless you my dear girl and, FLY LADYBUG FLY with your hammer!!!!  Shazza ~ Musings&Rants


John 16:21 ~ When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. (ESV) 

My Walk Through OLD SAC…as the locals call it

So I went on a walk after I dropped my daughter off at work. She works in a very touristy place called Old Sacramento. It’s in northern CA or shall I say in the elbow of CA. This is what I saw on my walk after dropping her off. Since I’m not from Sac, it was nice seeing some of the tourist spots.


I also saw these beautiful magenta Petunias and Marigold flowers (the marigolds are my background).

Then I thought let me walk back over to Lani’s work to say hello and see what she needs for lunch. So I walked over to her work and she said “Mom!!!” So I decided to take some pics of her at work, only one really came out right. So, I  bought her some drinks and gave her money for lunch…have a great shift at work Ladybug, and I was out the door.

Lani in her steampunk outfit