What’s The Ladybug Chronicles?

Lani and Me June 2014
Ladybug and I on her birthday July 2014.

So umm yeah thanks for stopping by this page for the 411 on this series. The Ladybug Chronicles series is about the day and the life with Lani, my daughter. First off her nickname is Ladybug and I use this series to vent about how she has changed my life for the better as a woman, mother and Christian. Also, it’s a memoir to my future grand children, as she recently got hitched to her husband Matt. Wow, as I wrote the last sentence it seems pretty presumptuous on my part, to assume I will have grand children. So I will rephrase that and say, IF I have grand kids, Lord willing.

Matt&Lani Forever!!!
Matt&Lani Forever!!!

The LC series also will give them (my grand kids) an honest look-see at what crazy looked like in their grand mothers mind, if I’m not around as they grow up. As I’m also sharing my crazy with my very small but loved blog family too. So there it is, my explanation for the series. As I hope you might glean something good or maybe a better word  profitable from my cautionary tales of single parenting. As well as, what it’s been like living in an empty nest since my only child left the scraggly nest recently. ~ ShazzaFushia Rose in focus

So, here is where you muse/rant about what I've mused/ranted about...

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