WPC: A Summer Sky and A Tree Converge

I took this pic with my camera phone in late August, 2014, it was about 100° F,  when Crepe Myrtle Trees are in full bloom all around Northern CA. The sky was so picturesque and I just love the colors that I tweaked on picmonkey. Anyway, this is my rendition of Converge.

Crepe Myrtle Tree

Going On My PK Walk

Pk looking for a place to mark her territory as she traipsed through the Perennial Geraniums.
Pk looking for a place to mark her territory as she traipsed through the Perennial Geraniums.

So yesterday I went on my walk with Mormor’s dog PK, we went all around the gated community. When I walk, I try to find fun things to take pics of as I go because it makes the walks fun. So here’s what I saw yesterday in God’s wonderful creation…

First, a festive tree fruit, called Yangmei or Myrica rubra an Asian fruit which is indigenous to China and Japan and you can make juice with it. There are two types one is sweet and one is sour. I however didn’t taste this so I’m not sure which one is in the community I live in but it’s very festive and the color is vibrant and perfect for fall.

Yangmei Fruit or Myrica Rubra.
Yangmei Fruit or Myrica Rubra.
Fuchsia Tea Rose.
Fuchsia Tea Rose.

Then Tea Roses, are blooming now like dandelions and are just gorgeous to gaze at. Here is one bush I always go back to because it produces some of the prettiest colored roses. And this bush never disappoints.


Also, the Heirloom Rose is a beauty, it looked like it had just been washed and made camera ready. Fall is just as beautiful as summer but in a somber way.

Heirloom Rose.
Heirloom Rose.

Then I wait all year for these lovely Maple Trees to start turning yellow and red and even a bit purple in places, it’s an amazing site to see these trees turn into gold and red light. Just brilliant, and to know these trees are actually dying makes it kind of bittersweet to watch this transformation happen.

Maple Trees in their beautiful decline.
Maple Trees in their beautiful decline.
Maple Blaze Tree.
Maple Blaze Tree.



Lastly, the Maple Blaze Tree, it has a bit smaller leaf but is just as beautiful as the Maple Tree. These trees are all over Sacramento, and brighten up the city in fall. It’s such a pretty contrast against the pretty blue sky. Happy November.

My Friend’s New Motor Home

fiesta 1
Fiesta 2003

Wow, how fun, a new motor home, I’m so happy for my friend Paula and her husband Bryan. I love rejoicing with those who are rejoicing ~ Romans 12:15. Always being faithful to take their extended family camping with them on their camping trips, and not just them but friends as well.

And when I say new motor home, I mean new to them, a Fiesta 2003. Having upgraded twice before, now they have one that’s even better than the other two and didn’t have to pay for this one. And why you might ask? Because they have been very generous with what they had in the past. It’s so nice to witness people being blessed for their faithfulness. And not just faithful in taking family and friends camping but in other ways as well.Read More »

My Blog Just Turned Two!!!

So today marks my second blog anniversary with WordPress. That’s exciting, having been blogging for a little over 2 years, I started blogging with Google’s Blogspot. But over time I decided it would be better if I tried WordPress.Read More »

WPC: Texture

Guest photographer Natalia Maks invites you to find unexpected textures in the world around you.

I haven’t done a Photo Challenge in sometime. I haven’t been inspired until today I guess. And I just happened to have some texture pics floating around in my computer from early this year Jan ~ March.

Big Leafy Bush

Big leafy bush I couldn't find the name.
Big leafy bush I couldn’t find the name.

Rain Finally

The first of rain in 47 days.
The first rain in 47 days.

March Showers

Roses after rain are beautiful.
Roses after rain are beautiful.

A Summer Flower Shout Out!

This year I have looked for very different flowers to take pictures of. I wanted to make sure I couldn’t name any of the one’s without looking them up on Google. But since I was able to name some, it did take me a little more time to find a lot of these.

Orange Cosmos was found today on my walk. It’s a lovely little flower and with a Bumble Bee laying in it. The sad thing about this particular flower, is, I think the Bee was dead. He wasn’t moving and all his Bee buddies were pollinating away as he just laid there on the bud.

Orange Cosmos Flower 2Read More »

Mother’s Day, Learning To Keep My Behavior Excellent

McKinley Park 2
East Sacramento, CA. McKinley Park.

Mother’s day started out quite different from most, usually you spend them with your biological family. Well my daughter and son-in-law changed things up. Instead of my daughter taking me out with her husband Matt in toe, Matt took me out on his own. It was nice to just hangout with Matt and get to know him better, and see his heart for God shine so brightly. I’m very pleased with how much he’s grown since meeting him a little over a year ago. He is becoming the man of God that I prayed for 21 years ago for Lani and I’m grateful.Read More »

WPC: Spring!!!

For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you. It can be a flower in bloom (or a field of them!), a May Day celebration, or even some kids enjoying the sun after a long winter indoors.

Okay, so this is an easy challenge this week for me. Spring, is great because babies are born, flowers are blooming and I’m so excited to take pics of all of it!!! So here we go…


Yellow and Orange daisies
Yellow and Orange Daisies

These are so lovely this time of year, it’s amazing the way God shows his artistry during spring!!!

Brand new baby foal, 9 days old by his mommy.
Brand new baby foal, 9 days old by his mommy.

Here is an adorable foal, he was kind of bashful 9 days out of her mommies belly.  This is my friends daughter Suzy’s ranch Rainbow Equus Meadows.

IMG_20140503_134109This baby chick was bought from a chick and incubator, (no mommy)  and then put under a hen at Suzy’s ranch and the hen adopted it. It was precious to see the hen not wanting to get off the chick keeping it warm under her feathers. While she clucked softly, Suzy picked up the chick to show us. I should have taken a pic of the foster mom hen as well.

pink rose
Fuschia rose




And finally, these beautiful roses, don’t know the exact names, because there are over 2000 types; but oh so wonderful to smell and marvel at. ~ Musings&Rants

Pink, white and yellow rose
Pink, white and yellow rose